Private Label Blanks

A unique private label option for faster and more affordable design development.

The Concept

We've created an alternative to typical private label blanks. Instead of printing your brand's logo on a typical T-shirt, hoodie, or other knit "blanks", choose from one of our more fashion-forward designs. We've created a chic collection of unique stretch woven "blanks" that your brand can order in a variety of colors or your own prints.  

Choose the Design

Choose the Color

Venetian Stretch is a lightweight stretch woven fabric that is moisture-wicking and comes in a variety of color options. Or chose white if you'd like to print your own custom color, all-over print, or engineer a placement print.

Venetian Stretch

Choose the Sizes

Designs are currently offered in S-L

Size Chart

Add Your Logo or Custom Print (optional)

This is your opportunity to get creative without having to worry about the expense and difficulty of designing the entire garment. Simply make it your own by designing the print!


  • Choose from our color options
  • Print your own custom color
  • Print your logo
  • Design your own all-over print
  • Design your own engineered (placement print)

Sell It!

MOQ's (Minimum Order Quantities)
Solid color or all-over print: 100 pcs (no restrictions on size/color)
Engineered placement print: TBD
On-Demand: Must have 2 dozen orders a week

Prices are determined by quantity.

Behind the Seams

The Creation of This Collection

In September of 2021, FABRIC was invited to compete with five other companies from around the nation in the Gerber Ideation Pitch Competition.

The Challenge

The challenge was to create a small collection that can be made in Gerber's NYC Innovation Center. The Innovation Center is a micro-factory that utilizes Gerber's pattern-making software and automated technology that can print, cut, and sew garments on-demand.

The challenge was to use as many of the following technologies as possible and more: YuniquePLM, AccuMark 2D or 3D, AccuMark Image functionality, AccuNest, AccuMark MTM, Z1 Cutter, 3DLook, Savitude, Caldera, Kornit Digital Printing, PointCarre, or Kaledo, Adobe Creative Cloud, 3D Printing, Embodee, etc...

Digital patterns, tech packs, and other industry standards were required. The garments must be ready-to-wear garments that can be sold on e-commerce. They must be manufacture-ready, and can also be made using the technology in Gerber's Ideation Center.

The entries must tackle a social topic like sustainability, inclusion, personalization, or others. We chose DEMOCRATIZING FASHION as our topic because FABRIC's mission is to provide apparel entrepreneurs with training, guidance, innovative industry resources, and access to no-minimum and on-demand manufacturing, so they can build sustainable fashion businesses domestically.

All processes and steps had to be documented with photos and videos and submitted to Gerber. We had one month to complete all of this.

The Team

  • Creative Concept Designer: Angela Johnson
  • Pattern Maker, Director of Design & Development: Uli Beator
  • Surface Designer, Creative Director: Amelia Walsh
  • Director of Product Management & Production: Kate Anderson
  • Design & Development Assistant & Sewing Supervisor: Bria Blunt
  • Sample Maker: Haley Lu

The Inspiration


  • VIRAGO: A derogatory term for strong women.
  • LORICA SEGMENTATA: Warrior Armor.

FABRIC is run by mostly women and they are accomplishing the impossible every day. These strong women are like warriors and the clothes they wear are like their armor for everyday battle. So, the silhouettes of the designs were inspired by medieval armor shapes. Each piece was named after one of FABRIC's strong female team members.

The Designs

The Print Inspiration

The prints on the designs are Trompe L’oeil style design lines on the garments made to look like flats and pattern markings to reflect the technical work that goes into designing a garment.

The Pitch

The Process

The Result

WE WON!!!!!

We presented the collection to the NYC industry judges via a virtual live-streamed fashion show over Zoom at FABRIC. Then we headed to the Gerber Ideation Conference in NYC where our garments were featured in person in a VIP fashion show. Our designs were then made in the innovation center micro-factory using all of Gerber's amazing technology.

This collection is now available as private label blanks that apparel entrepreneurs can purchase, customize with their own print designs, re-sell as part of their brand. This is a more affordable, faster, and obtainable alternative to developing a garment from scratch and much more fashionable than printing on basic T-shirts or hoodies.

They can be ordered in small quantities to be manufactured at FABRIC or can be made on-demand at Arizona Fashion Source.