Event Space

Runway Space. Corporate Events. Pop-Ups. Tech Events. Parties. Workshops.

Looking for a modern, industrial, event space in downtown Tempe?

FABRIC is also an event venue that can be rented for fashion shows, fashion events, corporate events, seminars, training, workshops, classes, parties, and celebrations.

FABRIC's Original Event Venue holds 400 people and is available until the end of 2023.
FABRIC's NEW venue will hold 200 and will be available starting March 2023.

In addition to offering space that accommodates larger groups, as well as smaller break-out spaces, we can also provide, tables, A/V lighting and sound, garment racks, linens, and more.

Located in Tempe, AZ near Arizona State University, our new window-clad event space has unbeatable downtown Tempe views that overlook "A Mountain".

FABRIC is a non-profit and 100% of proceeds from event spaces go to help Apparel Entrepreneurs start and grow their brands.

If you are interested in renting our event space or conference rooms please fill out our application below and a member of our events team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Event Rental Inquiry

Event Rental Inquiry

Will you be serving alcohol?

Just looking for events to attend or want to share your event with our community? Check out our Fashion Events Calendar.

Helpful Info

How to book your event

Fill out the event inquiry form. We will contact you.
Contact our Events Team with any questions you may have at Events@fabricincubator.com.
Contact our Director of Operations at Kate.Thompson@fabricincubator.com .

FABRIC has two event spaces available until March 31, 2023
Original FABRIC venue (132 E. 6th st) - Capacity 400 - Available until March 31, 2023
New FABRIC venue - Capacity 150 - Available starting February 15, 2023

Serving alcohol at events

To serve alcohol at any public event in the city of Tempe, a license is required by the city. FABRIC does not have its own alcohol permit like a bar or restaurant does so you will need to apply for a Special Event Liquor License. This takes time so it is best to plan this at least two months in advance.

Special Event Liquor License Application, Documents, and Steps:

  • Your application form and the detailed floor plan for your event are filled out and uploaded into the City of Tempe online portal application.  (Essentially the form is a part of the larger city one.) So you submit the large online application to the city of Tempe, then the city approves your permit application and will send you a hearing date with the state liquor board (AZDLLC).
  • The hearing will be at the AZDLLC office in downtown Phoenix where you will bring all of this paperwork and any paperwork that the city of Tempe gives you with your approval.
  • You will pay the fee to the AZDLLC and they will issue you the permit.
  • If you need a non-profit charity partner, FABRIC Tempe is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that MAY be able to partner with you. Please contact us for more info.
Events support our unique incubator

FABRIC is a non-profit that provides apparel entrepreneurs with free and discounted programs and services as well as no-minimum sewn product manufacturing. Most factories have high minimums because that's the only way to make a profit on cut and sew. But emerging brands can't afford to make thousands of pieces so we created a model that supports the income lost from offering no-minimum manufacturing by making it up in event space rental.

In other words, we, and the hundreds of boutique brands we support, depend on the events at FABRIC. This is how we pay our bills. So, please help us spread the word and encourage others to use our runway, event space, offices, classrooms, and meeting rooms.

Our fees are well below market rates so when you have an event at FABRIC, it's affordable and you'll be supporting hundreds of brands.

Event space during the COVID-19 Pandemic

When the world shut down and the event business plummeted, we transformed our events/runway space into a PPE factory and used it to manufacture over 800K reusable medical gowns for our healthcare heroes. These efforts even warranted a visit from President Biden and VP Kamala Harris.

In February 2021, FABRIC pivoted once again to incorporate virtual live streaming and opened its event space for events again.

Want to read all about our journey into PPE? Check out the story in our PPE blog.

Event space capacity

Our original facility can hold approximately 400 attendees. This space is available until March 31st, 2023. Our new facility can accommodate approximately 150 attendees. This space is available starting in February, 2023.

Event space fees

Original FABRIC event space at 132 E. 6th St. that holds 400 people: Starts at $3500 for six hours.
New phygital fashion space at 117 E. 5th St. that holds up to 150 people : Starts at $2000 for a six hour event.

Types of events that can be held at FABRIC

FABRIC is ideal for corporate events, meetings, seminars/workshops, and anything fashion related since we are a fashion incubator. However, FABRIC's venue can be used for many different creative and professional events including celebrations and gatherings of all types.

Event equipment and amenities available at FABRIC

(10) Round banquet tables that seat 8-10 people with black or white linens
High-top cocktail tables with black linens
Rolling office-style chairs (available at new phygital fashion space only)
Sound system
Live streaming system
(2) Microphones (1 handheld, 1 lavalier)
Garment racks
Kitchen with 2 large refrigerators, sink, dishwasher
Breakout conference room and other meeting spaces