Design Services

We offer design and development services that can help you get your sewn product made.

In-house Design Development Services

Get a step-by-step guided experience through developing a sewn product that is ready to be manufactured when you sign up for an Apparel Entrepreneur Membership and use our digital roadmap.

Design Services

Fashion design

Concept Development. Technical Flats. Specs.

If you would like to manufacture, you'll first need to get through development so that you've got tech packs with technical flats, specs, wholesale material/trim sourcing listed in a Bill of Materials (BOM), and graded production-ready patterns.

It all starts with technical flats. These are the blueprints for your product. We can't even give you a price estimate until you at least have a flat because a flat shows all of the construction details that help us understand what it will take to make this product. Along with flats, you'll need spec measurements for every point of measure on the product. We can help you with all of this.

Fabric and Trim Sourcing

Search our sourcing library or hire the expert.

FABRIC offers a free material/trim sourcing library. Simply become a Free Member to use it. Apparel Entrepreneurs can save months of time and thousands of dollars in travel expenses using this library to find their wholesale material/trims. Intimidated?!? Take a class in understanding textiles and/or hire a sourcing expert to help you. Schedule a time to use our Free Sourcing Library now.


Patterns. Tech Packs. Samples. Grading. Marking.

Once you've got flats, specs, and wholesale materials/trims sourced, we can provide you with patterns and samples. After the design is perfected through fittings and revisions, then this final sample ("sew-by") will be replicated in manufacturing. A tech pack can be made and the pattern can be graded into sizes according to your brand's grade rules.


Cut. Sew. Labeling. Packaging. No Minimums.

Our no-minimum production facility is equipped to produce almost any design or sewn product, using almost any fabric. The production services team welcomes clients on site to observe the manufacturing steps involved in producing their designs.

Our capabilities include men's, women's and children's active wear, street wear, swim suits, shirts, skirts, jackets, pants, jeans, dresses, bags, medical devices, sewn product inventions, and more.

Each garment is carefully inspected and pressed. We'll also work with you on customized packaging requests.

Become an Apparel Entrepreneur Member.
Our Apparel Entrepreneur Membership gives you access to a road map that will guide you through these steps.

It's like having your own Technical Designer to guide you through these steps, your own Production Manager to walk you through manufacturing, and your own Quality Control Manager to check for accuracy along the way.

Can we make your product?

What do you need before getting started?

In order to get a price estimate or to start making your first prototype/sample, we need to know exactly what you want in great detail so we can determine how much work it will take.

You may want to start by finding an inspiration garment (or a few garments) that represents exactly what you want. A fashion illustration won't work because it doesn't show construction details. However, a technical flat sketch does show important construction details and is an important part of the development process. We can draw your flats (or even teach you to draw them), but starting with an inspiration garment is the best way to begin. With this inspiration garment, you'll be able to point out construction details that you want as well as changes you'd like to make. This garment should fit the way you want as well. That way we can pull spec measurements directly from the garment itself without having to guess what you want.

You will also want to determine your ideal target customer body type so that your brand fits a specific audience consistently. The best way to prepare for this is to research the size charts of the brands you like.

And lastly, you'll need to source all of the fabrics and trims that are found on your garment. This stretch and weight of the fabric will have a huge impact on the development process so you'll want to get started on this early. We can help with this as well.

When you have a technical flat sketch, measurement specs, and fabrics/trims sourced, you will be prepared to begin the sample making process and get a better idea of the costs. Then you can determine if this product can be made in your target price point.

Sign up for our Apparel Entrepreneur Membership for detailed guidance on this and everything else you'll need along the way.

Quantities / MOQ's

We specialize in supporting emerging brands and we know that one of the biggest obstacles for startups and smaller brands is high MOQ's. We created a unique model here at FABRIC that enables us to offer no-minimums by providing the support that boutique brands and apparel entrepreneurs needs to get through the complex steps in making a product.

If you are an Apparel Entrepreneur Member, we can offer you no-minimum manufacturing. This means you can make as few pieces as you'd like in as many sizes or colors as you'd like. Price is based on quantity however. The more you make, the lower the price will be per unit. Most people use our factory if they want to produce 1-200 units per style (including sizes and colors) per production run.

If you want to make more, we can still provide you with the sample development, graded patterns, and tech packs that you'd need for manufacturing anywhere. Then we can help you find a factory that specializes in your product with higher MOQ's. We can even be your Production Manager and communicate with this factory on your behalf.

What types of products can we make?

Development comes first!
We can develop almost any sewn product and provide you with prototypes ("sew-by samples), tech packs, graded (sized) digital patterns and cut markers that can be used by any factory to manufacture your product.

Manufacturing comes next.

Products that we commonly manufacture:
Almost any type of "cut & sew" product made from almost any type of material including but not limited to:
Clothing for men, women, children, pets, unisex
Casual, sportswear, athleticwear, eveningwear, separates, uniforms
Items like leggings, skirts, blouses/tops, button down shirts, dresses, pants, shorts, jackets, T-shirts, tanks, intimates
Accessories like bags, purses, headwear
Interior/Home goods like pillows, blankets, curtains
Medical devices and other sewn products
Materials we can work with include knits (stretchy) and woven fabrics (non-stretchy) of many different weights.

Products are better to manufacture at a specialty factory, but we can still provide development/prototypes/tech packs:
-Bras that have molded cups and other complex components...however we can do sports bras.
-Jeans because there are special seams and features that are just better off done by a denim. Plus you also have to navigate the dying and washing process.
-Leather goods - Leather goods require heavy duty machinery and special finishings for the raw edges that is best when done at a leather factory.
Bathing suits - Some bathing suits are just better off being made at bathing suit factories due to all of the spaghetti strapping, elastic, structure, and other features. However, there are certain bathing suits that we can manufacture here.
Suits/Ties - Suits/ties require tailoring and other techniques that are best done by a place that specializes in this.

Products we cannot make

We can’t weld seams. 
We can’t make hard goods like brief cases and shoes. 
We can’t make full fashioned sweaters or tubular knits like socks.
We can’t make traditional ties or men’s suits (unless they are unconventionally made). 
We have one flat lock machine so if you have a garment that requires flat lock, we can make the prototypes/samples but not manufacture them.
We don't provide garment dying or fabric dying.