Branding services

Whether you need a logo, website or complete branding package, we can help you reach your target audience.

We can help you build a brand and market your products

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Branding Services

Define Your Brand and Your Customer

Identify Your Target Customer, Merchandise Category, Price Points, and Niche.

Define who you’re selling to, where you fit in the market, and what you’re selling first. We can help you define the details that act as the foundation for your entire brand.

Brand Elements

Logos. Colors. Fonts. Tag Lines. Voice.

You’ll need a logo, but it doesn’t end there. Brand colors, fonts, tag line, and voice are also important in communicating to your target audience. Your brand’s impact relies on consistent use of these elements. We can create your entire branding package so that you have everything you need to create a recognizable brand.

Digital Marketing

Website. Newsletter. Social Media.

Don’t have time or skills to create your own website? Worried about paying high prices for a web developer to create you a website that you can’t edit or update yourself? We’ll take your brand elements and put them to work online by creating you a beautiful website using a very intuitive website template called Wix that you can easily edit yourself. We’ll set up your social media, help you create a social media plan, and even create you a branded newsletter template that’s connected to your website subscriber capture function so you can stay connected with your customers.


Photography. Video Production. Podcasts.

Need photos of your product for your website, a brand video, or social media content? Whether our team shoots your product in the FABRIC production studio or at your favorite location, you’ll be in good hands. Our expert team has decades of experience and skills in fashion specific media and offers the most competitive rates.

Tips on getting started affordably

When you hire someone to make you a logo, make sure you get that logo in every possible file type and format that you can use in various situations. One version isn't going to work for every application. A good graphic designer will automatically provide you with many different formats including .jpg, .png .pdf and the actual native illustrator file so that you can make changes to the original logo in the future if needed. You should also get the logo in black and white, various colorways, with a transparent background, and more. You should also ask for exact color information and font information that you may need to match with other branding materials.

In addition to a logo, you'll need colors, font families, tag line, and other items that make up a brand style guide so that your brand has a consistent voice.

Once you have these foundational items, you can use these items to build your website, newsletter, labels, and more.

Having a custom website built by a website developer can be thousands of dollars. And then, you are dependent on them to make edits, add products, remove old items, and make any updates you need. Most startups can't afford this. When you hire our team to help you, we use Wix to create a website that is intuitive and easy to edit. We'll teach you what you need to know in order to update it, add product, remove items, and change anything you need to change as your business evolves.

Additionally, this website needs to capture subscribers so that you can build your customer base. We can set you up with a newsletter that is easy for you to edit or add content to that keeps your fans connected to your brand.