Digital Product Passport

Putting transparency back in fashion.


Garment Authentication = Let the garment do the talking

Introducing RainF4ll, your Digital Product Passport

The Rainf4ll digital product passport is a cutting-edge innovation that seamlessly integrates a small, discreet chip into your apparel and accessories. This chip can be easily sewn into your products right here at FABRIC, ensuring that each item carries its own unique digital identity.

Transparency and Trust

With the Rainf4ll digital product passport, your brand can offer unparalleled transparency to your customers. Each chip is programmed by you and can hold detailed information about the product, including its origin, materials, and manufacturing process. Additionally, the chip acts as a digital certificate of authenticity, ownership, and event history, providing a complete and growing record over time. This allows customers to verify the authenticity and sustainability of their purchase, building trust and loyalty with your brand.

Enhanced Direct Marketing and Customer Connection

The Rainf4ll digital product passport opens up exciting new avenues for direct marketing and continuous customer engagement. By simply scanning the chip, customers can access exclusive content, personalized offers, and updates directly from your brand. This direct line of communication transforms the way you engage with your audience, making every interaction more meaningful and impactful. Whether it's sharing the latest product launches, offering special promotions, or gathering valuable feedback, this technology ensures that your brand remains a constant presence in the lives of your customers.

Integration at FABRIC

FABRIC's state-of-the-art facilities and expert team are equipped to seamlessly integrate the Rainf4ll digital product passport into your products. Discover how the Rainf4ll digital product passport can elevate your brand's transparency, marketing strategy, and customer relationships. Partner with FABRIC to bring this innovative technology to your products today.


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