FABRIC Partner Registration


FABRIC, the Fashion And Business Resource Innovation Center, is a non-profit fashion incubator, business accelerator, design studio, academy, and manufacturer that is sustainably disrupting, redefining, and reshoring the fashion industry for the modern apparel entrepreneur.


Our mission is to provide apparel entrepreneurs with training, guidance, innovative industry resources, and access to no-minimum manufacturing, so they can build sustainable fashion businesses domestically.


To achieve our mission, we've created a digital ROADMAP that democratizes the industry.

Now you don't have to have a degree, experience, or expert staff to navigate this complex industry. Our road map virtually guides apparel entrepreneurs through business startup, branding, marketing, design development, and manufacturing. It's almost like having a Production Manager, Technical Designer, Quality Controller, Branding Expert, and Business Coach on staff.

The ROADMAP contains the following content to help you navigate each step in starting a brand, making your products, and getting them sold....

Business Startup - 36 steps | 15 tools | 2 videos

Branding - 27 steps | 7 tools | 4 videos

Design Development - 74 steps | 107 tools | 47 videos

Pre-Sales - 18 steps | 2 tools | 3 videos

Manufacturing - 45 steps | 35 tools | 26 videos

Marketing - 42 steps | 4 tools | 5 videos

Events & Fashion Shows - 106 steps | 23 tools | 1 video

The Growing Brand - 16 steps | 1 video | connects into On-Demand

Our roadmap is always expanding and more content is added regularly. The roadmap is located in the member's dashboard of our Apparel Entrepreneur Membership.


  • are starting a clothing brand or trying to make a sewn product and have no prior experience in apparel production management, QC, or product development/design.
  • want to avoid the most common mistakes that often put new Apparel Entrepreneurs out of business.
  • need help getting your product developed before you approach a manufacturer so that you have flats, specs, patterns, samples/prototypes sewn, materials/trims sourced, patterns graded, markers made, tech packs created, cutting tickets, sewing contracts, grading/marking rules created, etc...
  • think you're ready for manufacturing and need access to no-minimum manufacturing to make smaller quantities so you can test the market before investing in manufacturing larger quantities.
  • want to get prepared and ready to explore on-demand manfuacturing. With on-demand manufaturing, your clients can order customized versions of your designs by picking specific details, colors, prints, and size, and each individual order can be made in about a week and then shipped directly to your customer.


We share our Apparel Entrepreneur roadmap with partner incubators, accelerators, and other fashion organizations in an effort to help support our overall mission.


If you were referred by a partner, simply use the partner link they sent you to sign up with our special partner pricing.

If you were not provided a link, contact your school/incubator or contact us for more info.