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Our vision is to establish Arizona as a modern fashion industry capital for the U.S. by creating a tech-based, sustainable, closed loop fashion industry ecosystem that attracts and supports direct-to-consumer apparel brands. We believe the path to this vision is through building community and providing resources. Many of our resources are free which makes the community accessible to everyone and not just those who can afford it. Simply become a FREE MEMBER to join the movement!

Our mission is to provide apparel entrepreneurs with training, guidance, innovative industry resources, and access to no-minimum manufacturing, so they can build sustainable fashion businesses domestically. To achieve this, we've created a digital road map that democratizes the industry. Now you don't have to have a degree, experience, or expert staff to navigate this complex industry. Our road map virtually guides apparel entrepreneurs through business startup, branding, marketing, design development, and manufacturing. It's almost like having a Production Manager, Technical Designer, Quality Controller, Branding Expert, and Business Coach on staff. Simply become a FABRIC APPAREL ENTREPRENEUR MEMBER to bring your fashion dreams to life!

Be a part of one of the newest economic engines in Arizona.

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FABRIC Apparel Entrepreneur


Member Benefits

*$3995 for 1st year and then $9.95/mo after
Includes all of the benefits in the Free Membership plus these:

  1. Digital Design Development Road Map of Steps That Guides You Through Sample Making/Prototypes (Like Having a Technical Designer By Your Side)
  2. Digital Manufacturing Road Map of Steps That Guide You Through Manufacturing (Like Having a Production Manager and Quality Control Guide By Your Side)
  3. Digital Branding Road Map of Steps That Guides You Through Branding Your Business (Like Having a Virtual Branding Expert By Your Side)
  4. Digital Marketing Road Map of Steps That Guides You Through Sales (Like Having a Virtual Marketing Expert By Your Side)
  5. Digital Business Development Road Map of Steps That Guides You Through Legally Establishing & Licensing Your Business (Like Having a Business Coach By Your Side)
  6. Virtual Design and Manufacturing Consultation (2 hr Intensive Crash Course + 1 hr Face to Face With Expert)
  7. Learn to Cost a Garment and How to Cut Costs
  8. Learn About the Brand's Roles & Responsibilities in the Development & Manufacturing Process
  9. Learn How to Quality Control Your Product
  10. Learn to Source Wholesale Materials/Trims
  11. Learn About Tech Packs
  12. Learn About Sizing (Grading)
  13. Learn How Markers Affect Your Cutting Costs
  14. Learn About Sample Sewing vs. Production Sewing
  15. Learn About Selling Wholesale vs. Retail
  16. Learn How to Create a Cohesive Collection
  17. Virtual Branding & Marketing Crash Course - What You Can Do Yourself & What to Hire Out
  18. Virtual Business Setup Crash Course - Setting Up Your Business Legally & Getting Tax/Business Licenses
  19. Virtual Understanding Textiles Lesson
  20. Virtual How to Spec (measure) a Garment Lessons
  21. Virtual How to Draw Technical Flats Lessons
  22. Hundreds of Virtual How-To Micro Videos
  23. Access to Our No-Minimum Manufacturing*
  24. Wholesale Material/Trim Sourcing Guidance*
  25. Industry Notes, Resources, and Organizational Tools
  26. Industry Forms: Sewing Contract, Cutting Ticket, Grading/Marking Ticket, Spec Sheets, Cost Sheet, PO, Bill of Materials, and more
  27. Guidance and Tips to Save Money, Save Time, and Avoid Common Mistakes
  28. Upgraded Fashion Directory Listing
  29. Exclusive Pro Membership Badge

*Over $73,500 value for $3995 + $9.95/mo after 1st year

* Fees may apply

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to just take one class. Do I need a membership?

Yes. In order to take a class or use a service, you'll at least need a free membership.
Ala carte classes are great for students, anyone interested in brushing up their technical skills, and those who may just be exploring fashion as a hobby or business.
However, if you are an apparel entrepreneur who is going to want to have products made, there are some very specific classes you'll want to take in order to learn how to manage the steps to getting your products prototyped and then manufactured. You can take some of these as ala carte classes, however, all of these apparel entrepreneur specific classes and many more micro how-to videos are included in the Apparel Entrepreneur Membership along with hundreds more resources. It is way more cost effective to get the Apparel Entrepreneur membership once you calculate all of the ala carte class you may qualify for a scholarship and will get all of the classes free or for only $500! So, if you own your own brand (or want to) then we advise that you apply for a scholarship for the Apparel Entrepreneur Membership before you start taking a la carte classes.
Unsure? Sign up for the free Basic Membership, you can always upgrade later if you want to experience what the other levels offer. Even easier, just enroll in the course or program you're interested in and you'll be automatically signed-up at the free Enthusiast Membership level.

Are membership fees refundable?

All memberships fees are non-refundable.

Why would I need a Free Membership?

A membership adds you to our community. It enables you to use our resources and stay connected with others and with the industry. Once in our community, you can manage your experience under one account. Whether you take a class, attend an event, buy a service, use the calendar, use the classifieds, or use the directory, you can manage your experience in one master account with us. Once you're in the community, we can keep you updated on events, jobs, classes, and other industry opportunities that any fashion professional or fashion lover should know about.

What is the difference between a Free and Apparel Entrepreneur Membership?

If you want to start, or already own, a brand that makes a cut and sewn product, you are an apparel entrepreneur in our eyes.
There are a lot of things you'll need.... prototypes, manufacturing, branding, marketing, and business development. You may already have some of these handled on your own or you may be brand new and starting from scratch. Either way, we want to help you through the complex steps and processes involved. So, we've created a road map that guides you through every detailed step along your journey. The road map contains intensive video lessons, micro how-to videos, contracts, downloadables, industry resources, check lists, organizational tools, links, and SEW much more! The Apparel Entrepreneur Membership is your access to that road map.
Simply getting a sewn product prototyped and then manufactured takes hundreds of complex steps that require a lot of industry knowledge and experience. You, or someone from your team, needs to manage these steps and make sure your product is moving along. This person needs to check (or quality control) each step along the way for accuracy. This person needs to provide what the factory needs in order to make your product properly to your expectations. The Apparel Entrepreneur Membership guides you through the steps and gives you the instructions and advice along the way to navigate around the obstacles. It's like having your very own Production Manager and Quality Control Guide on your team. In order for a factory to do it's job making your product, they need you to do your job and provide what they need in industry language using industry-standard methods. This membership helps you do that.

What additional fees should I expect beyond a paid membership?

Although we do offer some free classes, services, space rentals, and events, there are fees for many of these. However, we do price our classes, services (design, branding, manufacturing, etc...), space rentals, and events at below-market rates. Also, the Apparel Entrepreneur Membership fee is for the first year. Then your credit card will automatically be renewed at $9.95/month starting in the second year of your membership. You can chose to downgrade your membership to the Free Membership option at that time if you wish.