Kate Anderson

Director of Product Management & Production

Technical Designer
Production Manager
Product Development Specialist
Fit Model & Technician
Material/Trim Sourcing



Years In The Industry

  • 12

Past Career Moves

  • Forever 21
  • Target (Junior's and Missy Private Labels)
  • Reformation
  • Lucky Brand
  • Joyrich
  • Pam & Gela

Favorite Fashion Designer

  • Meadham Kirchhoff
    Vivienne Westwood

Awards / Accolades

  • Swimwear Design of the Year - Woodbury University
    Streetwear Line of the Year - Woodbury University
    Accredited Brand Partner Fit Engineer - Target

What motivates you to work in your industry?

  • After working in "fast fashion," from retail store management, as a buyer for boutiques in LA, to being a Senior Technical Designer at Forever 21, I became very frustrated with the lack of ethics and sustainability, and the corporate politics revolving solely around money when it comes to garment manufacturing. Talented and real humans design, develop, cut, and sew clothing, and I believe people need to see past the low price tags and respect the people who create their clothing from scratch. I strive to help people's visions of their designs come to life and appreciate the art and talent of everyone involved in the process along the way.