Getting started

So you want to manufacture a sewn product?

If you are an Apparel Entrepreneur and want to manufacture a sewn product, you probably stumbled upon FABRIC because we offer no-minimum manufacturing and production management guidance. We aren't a traditional factory/manufacturer. We feel that traditional manufacturing is broken. It's really set up for big brands, and not set up for boutique brands who don't have production management experience. So, we decided to do things differently, and it's working! As a result, we've helped hundreds of brands get started and grow their businesses.

We've created a unique model with a detailed system. We offer no-minimums to help you get started and we guide you through the steps in the development and manufacturing process using a virtual ROADMAP. The ROADMAP is a virtual checklist and your Project Lifecycle Management tool that guides you through the production management skills required to successfully navigate product development and sewn product manufacturing. It also helps you avoid all of the pitfalls and obstacles common in apparel production. Instead of having to hire a full-time Production Manager and Quality Controller (because that is what it takes to get through apparel manufacturing successfully....and why big brands have these employees on staff), this ROADMAP is an affordable alternative for a new brand that may not have the funds to hire staff. As the ultimate decision-maker, it does take some work and involvement on your part, however throughout the process, you can hire our team of experts as needed. However, here is what we need from you....

How to get started:

#1 Get to know FABRIC first

  • Get the answers to your most basic questions including how much it will cost, how long it will take, if we can manufacture your designs, and how it all works. You'll also learn how FABRIC's unique model works and what makes it different from a traditional manufacturer.

#2 Get Ready to Develop and Manufacture Your Product

  • Meet with a technical expert to discuss your design, learn how to move your product through development and manufacturing, get your account set up, and get prepped for development and manufacturing.

#3 Develop Your Prototypes

  • We'll develop your patterns and prototype samples, help you with sourcing your materials/trims, create your tech packs, and help you with costing so that you're ready for manufacturing.

#4 Manufacturing

  • Are you ready for manufacturing? We'll help determine if you've got everything needed to start manufacturing.
  • We'll also help you determine if you should be manufacturing in small batches at FABRIC or help you connect with a speciality manufacturer for a more cost effective solution. You may even be ready for the sustainable, high tech alternative to traditional manufacturing: ON-DEMAND manufacturing at our partner factory.

Are You Ready to Begin?

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