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So you want to manufacture a sewn product?

If you are an Apparel Entrepreneur and want to manufacture a sewn product, you probably stumbled upon FABRIC because we offer no-minimum manufacturing and production management guidance. We aren't a traditional factory/manufacturer. We feel that traditional manufacturing is broken. It's really set up for big brands with a huge staff that can meet large minimums at overseas factories, and not set up for boutique brands who don't have production management experience. So, we decided to do things differently, and it's working! As a result, we've helped hundreds of brands get started and grow their businesses.

We've created a unique model with an innovative approach. We offer no-minimums to help you get started or test the market first, and we guide you through the steps in the development and manufacturing process using a virtual ROADMAP. The ROADMAP is a checklist and your Project Lifecycle Management tool that guides you through the production management skills required to navigate product development and sewn product manufacturing successfully. It also helps you avoid all of the pitfalls and obstacles common in apparel production. Instead of having to hire a full-time Production Manager and Quality Controller (because that is what it takes to get through apparel manufacturing successfully....and why big brands have these employees on staff), this ROADMAP is an affordable alternative for a new brand that may not have the funds to hire staff. As the ultimate decision-maker, it does take some work and involvement on your part, however, throughout the process, you can hire our team of experts as needed to do anything you may be stuck on.

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#1 Create a Free Account

  • Pick an email to represent your brand that you and your team can use for your FABRIC account. Be sure that you use this same email consistently when working with FABRIC so that our team can find your account.

#2 Get to know FABRIC

  • Take an Informational Tour with FABRIC! After completing this step, you'll have the answers to your most basic questions including how much it will cost, how long it will take, whether we can manufacture your designs, and how it all works. You'll learn the secrets to manufacturing small batches domestically and how FABRIC's unique model makes this possible.

#3 Learn Your Brand's Role & Find Out If You're Ready to Manufacture

  • You'll learn what you are responsible for as you hire contractors to make your products. You can't expect a factory to be your Production Management and QC team for you. That's your brand's job. Learn your role vs. the contractor's role before starting so that you have realistic expectations and avoid huge errors.
  • Take our manufacturing readiness quiz to find out if you're ready to manufacture or if you still need to go through development. TIP: Find out why just having Tech Packs doesn't mean you're ready.

#4 Work With Our Team and Within Our Roadmap To START YOUR PROJECT

You'll upgrade your Free Membership to the Apparel Entrepreneur Membership. This is a month-to-month membership and you can cancel at any time. After the first month, you can apply for a Full or Partial Scholarship. And after one year of membership, all memberships become $9.95/mo. Within the first month of membership, you'll....

  • GET ORGANIZED: You'll get organized and prepare to work with industry forms so that we (or any contractors you decide to work with) can get the information needed to successfully make your product.
  • DESIGN REVIEW: Meet with our experts to review your design idea. We'll work out the details together since the details are what determine the cost and your next steps.
  • REFINE YOUR IDEA: We'll help define or refine the technical details (construction details are nailed down in a technical flat sketch)
  • COST IT: Evaluate your product to determine costs before moving forward (count sewing operations, estimate fabric/trim yields, and consider development costs) You'll have a rough idea of what it may cost to make your product and what you'd need to sell it for before you dive in. And if you can't hit your target price, you'll know before you invest any more time and money.
  • SOURCING: Sourcing guidance and access to sourcing library.
  • ACCESS INDUSTRY RESOURCES, GUIDANCE, AND MASTERY: Access the Roadmap (including $70K of resources) including links, video tutorials, downloadable tools &contracts, tips, instructions, and step-by-step guidance in working through business startup, branding, samples/development, manufacturing, sales/marketing, fashion technology and more. Even if you decide not to work with FABRIC, this guidance and these resources are meant to be used anywhere. You can use it to hire contractors anywhere and have the confidence that you're speaking the language, providing what the contractor needs, and performing your responsibilities as the production manager for your brand.

#5 Choose Your Path

At this point, you'll know if you have a product that can be manufactured at your target price point or if you should walk away. If you decide to move forward, you're ready to start sourcing your fabrics/trims and having a pattern and samples made. You can choose to...

  • Keep your membership (with or without a scholarship) and DIY using the Roadmap to guide you. You can hire us to help you with anything on an a la carte basis along the way. *Most affordable option.
  • Or keep your membership (with or without a scholarship) and purchase the Fast Track Development Package for a less hands-on approach.
  • Or walk away and cancel your membership

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