Manufacturing Pricing

Patterns. Grades. Markers.

Pattern Making. $85/hr
Digitizing Services $85/hr
Basic Block/Sloper. $85/hr
Pattern Revisions $85/hr
Pattern Grading. $85/hr
​Markers. $1.50/yard plotter paper
Make Marker Minimum. $50
​Markers. $85/hr
Markers. +$50 for 1-way or matching prints

Cutting. Sewing. Trim.

Fabric Spreading. $60/marker
Cutting. $7/pattern piece <50 layers
Sample Making (1-10). Starting at $4.50/seam
Production Sewing. Quoted by job.
Production Sewing Price Examples.
$2.00/seam (11-50)
$1.50/seam (51-100)
$1.25/seam (100-300)
Trim Installation. Quoted by job.
​Trim Installation Price Examples.
Button holes. $1.50 (1-100)
Buttons. $.75 (1-100)
Bar Tacks. $1.50 (1-100)
Hook & Eyes. $1.50 (1-100)
Darts. $1.50 (1-100)

Press. Package. Ship.

Press and fold. Quoted by job.
Flat Packaging. Quoted by job.
Shipping and Handling. Quoted by job.
Customized Packaging. Quoted by job

Get a cost estimate. $150

Want us to provide a price estimate for you?
We can give you an estimate or you'll actually cost your own products when you use our Apparel Entrepreneur Membership road map.
To provide an estimate, we'll need a technical flat sketch or an exact sample you want to replicate. We'll also need to know how many you plan to make in how many sizes and colors.

Estimates are just that....estimates. They will evolve as you move through prototyping and even through manufacturing. The prices depend on how many pattern pieces and seams your design has, what type of seams/operations are required, how many you plan to make per color, per size, and a lot more variables that pop up along the way.
A technical flat enables us to count seams and pattern pieces and apply costs to give you a rough estimate on pattern making, grading, cutting and sewing in different quantities.

Once we’ve actually sewn a sample for you, we’ll have an even better idea of what it takes and can even advise you on making any design changes necessary to make it more affordable.

Cost it yourself using our road map.

We provide you with guidance and a cost sheet so you can calculate the costs for your product based on different quantities. Our formula allows you to come up with a rough estimate before you begin making the product.

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