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April 2024

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Future Proof Fashion


The 2030 Supply Chain Vision

Goals of Summit: Plan development for pilot of Supply Chain 2030 Vision/Eco Fashion Park to meet industry needs.

Forecasted Outcome: 

Program profitability via 100% full price sell through, reduced waste, and optimized inventory.

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Eco Fashion Park Infrastructure: create a network of advanced onshore manufacturing capabilities, that will complement offshore and nearshore manufacturing.

Garment creation

Garment lifespan (addition and rental and resale regional logistics)

Garment EOL (upcycle, down cycle, and recycle capabilities.

Amplify brand and retail capability.


Green is now more than just a color for the fashion industry.

We've been SEW passionate about leading the charge in moving the needle toward a more sustainable fashion future for years.

Eco Fashion Week is an annual event produced by FABRIC during Earth Week. It is a week-long event created to educate the public on sustainable fashion and to celebrate, recognize, and support sustainable fashion brands. Every year, EcoFW includes sustainable fashion shows, pop-up shops, and educational panel discussions.

Past Eco Fashion Weeks

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Photo by Shane Baker