LabelHorde Fashion Show

2021 LabelHorde Fashion Show

Video courtesy of Gary Vulcano from White Lava Creative

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Since 2003, up to 60 Arizona fashion designers/brands, 60 models, and the best AZ hair & makeup artists come together annually, in one show, to highlight the diverse and growing fashion community in AZ.

This event takes place at the Tempe Festival of the Arts and includes vendor booths where you can shop from the local brands featured on the runway.

Join us as we celebrate and showcase our local industry.


  • General Admission: Free for standing room
  • Runway Seats: $15
  • VIP Seats: $25

All proceeds go to FABRIC Tempe, an Arizona non-profit organization that supports apparel entrepreneurs.

60 Local Designers.
60 Models.
30 Hair/Makeup Artists.
1 Runway.

Early Years

In 2003, the first LabelHorde Fashion Show (originally called the LabelHorde Fashion Ball) was a celebration and showcase of the AZ fashion community and a way to unite all local industry professionals. Each year the event continues to feature 60 of AZ’s designers/brands each showcasing one signature look on their own model. 60 designers, 60 models, and 30+ of the best hair/makeup artists in the valley collaborate to celebrate and showcase AZ’s industry which includes every category of fashion from T-shirts to wedding dresses at every stage of growth from emerging to established brands. At the turn of the century, this show and the LabelHorde directory were the sparks that ignited the AZ fashion industry before it became SEW HAUTE!

Past Events

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