Eco Fashion Park

January 18th & 19th, 2024

Presented by:

The 2030 Supply Chain Vision

Goals of Summit: Plan development for pilot of Supply Chain 2030 Vision/Eco Fashion Park to meet industry needs.


  • To revolutionize the manufacturing process of the fashion industry, with On-Shore Manufacturers, Academia, NGO's, and Interest Groups working together to create a shared vision with Global Manufactures, Advanced Machine Manufactures, Banks/Funds and Brands/Retailers working together on a shared profitability model across the supply network, with dynamic optimization to service real time consumer demand.


  • Today inventories are overflowing and billions of dollars of clothing waste per year. 
  • Markdowns cost retailers. 
  • Waste is a huge problem: 92 million tons of textiles waste is created each year. Only 15% of material used for clothing ends up being recycled. 
  • To create a sustainable manufacturing process. 
  • Governments introducing litigation and legislation.

Forecasted Outcome: 

  • Program profitability via 100% full price sell through, reduced waste, and optimized inventory.

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Through technology, infrastructure, and collaboration.

  • Technology: connect the software solutions that will allow of a dynamic flow of production across the ful supply lattice.
    • The solution will interpret data inputs and transform this into optimized scenario outputs that maximize profitability in a pilot program. The optimal scenario solution will work on an “at once” basis.
  • Eco Fashion Park Infrastructure: create a network of advanced onshore manufacturing capabilities, that will complement offshore and nearshore manufacturing.
    • Garment creation
    • Garment lifespan (addition and rental and resale regional logistics)
    • Garment EOL (upcycle, down cycle, and recycle capabilities.
    • Amplify brand and retail capability.


Green is now more than just a color for the fashion industry.

We've been SEW passionate about leading the charge in moving the needle toward a more sustainable fashion future for years.

Eco Fashion Week is an annual event produced by FABRIC during Earth Week. It is a week-long event created to educate the public on sustainable fashion and to celebrate, recognize, and support sustainable fashion brands. Every year, EcoFW includes sustainable fashion shows, pop-up shops, and educational panel discussions.

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Photo by Shane Baker