What is the Technology Behind the MDDO?

Technology is one aspect of how the 2030 Supply Chain Vision works. It’s about interconnecting the supply chain to allow efficient flow of production between the different channels. Technology is a way for the supply chain to communicate effectively regarding live data sales, costs, trends, and much more to ensure optimization. The 2030 Supply Chain Vision technology includes a MDDO tool.

An MDDO is a Multi-Dimensional Dynamic Optimization technological tool that collaborates production across supply channels simultaneously to maximize overall profitability. This maximized profitability is achieved from live data inputs into a supply network digital twin which leads to optimized scenarios at an “at once” basis. With the data being received instantly, in real time, offshore, nearshore, and onshore supply manufacturers can work together for product replenishment for predicted and unpredicted scenarios, fulfill bulk orders, and react to trends. This results in reducing excess inventories, reducing markdowns, while also maintaining no out of stocks/missed sales to keep up with customer demand and current trends. 


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