We've officially launched!

Hello fashion lovers!
This is LabelHorde founder Angela Johnson. I am so excited to announce that after years of development, we have officially opened our virtual doors! LabelHorde.com is ready to launch! We will be sending out a Press Release to let the world know next. In the meantime, if you are reading this, it’s probably because you already know that we exist. But let me take this opportunity to make sure you know about everything we offer!
Our main service is to provide a DIRECTORY for all fashion businesses in Arizona including, but not limited to, Designers/Brands, Boutiques, Stylists, Models, Manufacturers/Sewing Contractors, Pattern Makers, Photographers and more. If it relates to fashion in AZ, you can find it in our directory. You can also list your own fashion related business in our directory. It’s self-automated. All you have to do is create an account with us by hitting the REGISTER button, then SIGN IN and add your business info.
In addition to the fashion directory, we also have a CLASSIFIEDS page where you can find and post/share all fashion jobs in AZ. We constantly update this page, so be sure to keep checking it for the latest job opportunities. And to share a job posting, please send details to us at labelhordefashion@gmail.com.
Another big one is our Events CALENDAR page. This is where you can find all AZ fashion events as well as the national industry events that are vital for any fashion professional to know about including the textile shows, trade shows and fashion weeks. You can share your own fashion event on the calendar by emailing us at labelhordefashion@gmail.com.
We also offer many fashion business specific products and services including lessons, consulting, ways to advertise your business, speakers, design supplies and more. As we grow, these will grow exponentially, so please be sure to check back.
Please take a moment to explore these features and more by starting on our HOMEPAGE.
If you love fashion, you know how important all of this is for our local fashion community. There is now ONE PLACE where everyone can count on finding everything they need to grow and run their fashion business. Arizona may not have all of the industry resources that LA or NY have, but putting all of AZ’s resources in one place, makes sourcing so much easier. Our goal is to be the glue that binds our local industry and helps us all grow. But we need you to make this happen. If you own a fashion business, please add yourself to our directory. It’s free! Then think about all of the fashion businesses you know (salons, boutiques, designers, models, etc…) and encourage them to also add themselves.
Additionally, please use our services. Check our Classifieds and Calendar frequently. If you need a reminder, simply SUBSCRIBE to our mailing list to join the other 2000 locals keeping up on the industry. We send out monthly updates and we promise we won’t spam you or share your info. We just want everyone connected and informed and provide a one-stop-shop where everyone can find everything fashion, ultimately making it easier on you!
Next, in order to keep this going and growing, we need your support financially as well. There are many affordable ways you can help. And when I say affordable, I mean it! For a little as $10, you can make a difference. We have a DONATE button where you can donate in $10 increments. OR, you can take advantage of the many ways we offer to help your business! You can use our EMAIL BLAST/NEWSLETTER SERVICE to share something with the entire community. You can ADVERTISE your business in our newsletter or on our website. You can UPGRADE YOUR BUSINESS LISTING in our directory from a FREE listing to a $9.95/month upgraded listing that includes an image and a 100 word description and 25 searchable keywords! That last one’s my favorite. You are helping LabelHorde while also helping to promote your own business for less than $10 a month! At any rate, there are many more ways you can help. Just search around under the Services tab on our site to see all of the options.
Lastly, now that our website is up and running, our next venture is to take our concept into the physical world by establishing a physical incubator space where we will be offering all of these services and many more including in person lessons (sewing, sketching, pattern making, grading/marking, manufacturing, consultations, etc…), sample making, light manufacturing, expert speaker seminars, photo studio space, design room supplies, rental of time on our industrial machines and more. We are currently on the hunt for a brick and mortar space to call home. We will be sharing our progress in our newsletter. If you have a connection to a space going unused that would be interested in providing a home to AZ’s fashion industry, please let us know! We’ve got the industrial sewing machines, cutting tables, dress forms, mannequins, pattern paper and supplies and more. We also have a keyholder concept that will allow local designers and students access to the equipment similar to a maker’s space concept and a well thought out business plan that breaks it all down that is available upon request.
In addition to this physical space, we plan to expand LabelHorde to other cities that are outside of the typical fashion industry cities. If you would like to join us on our journey and become one of our team members, please email us at LabelHordefashion@gmail.com.
Thank you to our STAFF and everyone who has made this possible so far. We are excited for the future! I’m especially personally excited because this is a new chapter in my life. Or actually, one that started in the early 2000’s and has finally evolved into what I had always envisioned. Persistence is paying off.
Thank you!