Our Impact 2016-2018

As we approach a renewal of our agreement with the City of Tempe and consider opportunities for growth and even greater economic impact, we are excited to share our latest impact data with the community. With pride and sincere gratitude, we are excited to report that we have more than doubled the city’s required expectations for use of FABRIC as a fashion incubator with over $1,000,000.00 worth of programs and services.

Through the conjoined efforts of AZ Apparel Foundation (501-c3), LabelHorde and AZ Fashion Source, we have offered unmatched services, education, community events, building improvements, technical support, and unique value to Tempe’s public profile. This confirms that FABRIC is a viable model for economic development and growth here in Arizona as well as a proven example to be replicated by other US cities wishing to reshore manufacturing and support a new, more sustainable fashion industry model.

We offer our heartfelt appreciation for this partnership to the City of Tempe that has generated more successful outcomes than we originally thought possible, and we look forward to a bright cooperative future to continue to cultivate a new industry for the City of Tempe and the State of Arizona. We are also very grateful to the community of volunteers, hundreds of fashion brands and thousands of industry professionals involved, and fashion lovers who have contributed so much to the success of this unique entity.

Our work has not been easy; however, we have demonstrated the highest levels of responsibility and professional accountability without significant funding. Below you will find our impact report data for the programs and services “giveback” we have provided to the City of Tempe since moving into the FABRIC building in October 2016.

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  • $1,000,000.00 in benefits to the community
  • 300+ brands incubated
  • $108,900 worth of education to over 1600 people
  • $436,000 worth of resources to help designers/brands
  • 26 jobs created inside of FABRIC plus the unmeasurable jobs created from incubating 300 brands
  • 36 internships
  • 450 documented volunteers with over 12,000 documented service hours
  • 200+ events
  • $150,000.00 worth of capital improvements made to FABRIC
  • 6 Design Office Scholarships winners receiving $43,000.00 worth of benefit
  • And more!
FABRIC's Community Impact - 1
FABRIC's Community Impact - 2