Our First Manufacturing Client

If you've been following along, you know we've moved into a temporary building so we start manufacturing for the huge list of clients that we had while we wait until our larger permanent building in ready in August. One of our first clients is the brand

by Sharane Dorrah.

Sharane started with LabelHorde when she first created the concept of her brand. She went through our consultation process and learned all about the design process, sourcing, costing, tech packs, technical sketching and how it all relates to manufacturing. She was a diligent student on a mission to learn everything she needed to know to start and manufacture an apparel brand properly. She was open to learning and we were thrilled to be able to teach someone who was willing to absorb what we had to share...someone who understood that there were things she didn't even know she needed to know. We coached her through the process, gave her some resources and she opened her wings and took off from there. She's got so much drive and ambition and she really soured while navigating the complex apparel design and manufacturing process.
While she was starting this process, we were acquiring the manufacturing equipment and finding a location. By the time she had all of her tech packs done, her materials sourced and was ready to manufacture her first product, we were just about set up and ready to take her on. We were still finalizing some things on the factory, so we did need to do some of her pattern making, grading, marking, cutting and even a little sewing from our very own houses! Then the timing ended up being perfect and we were able to finish her production from our new factory...and I'm proud to say that it turned out great!

Yesterday, Sharane was able to officially launch her first collection of insect repellent active wear! It's beautifully designed and is made of the most comfortable fabric that feels like butter! And the coolest part is, the garments are coated with a safe insect shield that will protect the user from the pesky insects that cause disease. It's cute, its protective, it's comfortable and it's safe! Check out her website at www.peskys.com to learn more about her amazing product, her journey and purchase a piece or two. If you subscribe to her newsletter you get a discount on your first order!

Of course, you an always find her and all of the other AZ brands in our AZ fashion industry directory here on our website. So, if you are interested in learning more about other local brands, click on the Directory button and explore! By now, we've already completed some manufacturing for a few more of them as well!