Naked Rebellion

Naked Rebellion

Today an amazing brand that was developed at FABRIC in our non-profit's Arizona Apparel Foundation Designer in Residence Program, has officially launched its website. It's called Naked Rebellion. This happens hundreds of times at FABRIC but this is a brand that we are SEW excited about for a lot of reasons so we wanted to share.

The creators of this brand, who run a 2nd successful brand of affordable tuxedos at FABRIC called Heywood & Ringo, wanted to solve a problem that Jay McPhaul and Jessica Wenger McPhaul had experienced working in the film and TV industry in LA. They made the most of the scholarship opportunity that they won from AAF to solve this problem and make their dreams come true.

You see, Jessica, after working as the costume designer for many shows including Netflix's House of Cards and Dancing with the Stars and more, had found that it was very challenging to find undergarments that matched every shade of nude. It just didn't exist. There are so many shades of nude in the world and it is challenging for a brand to meet minimums on wholesale fabrics and trims that would match every possible shade.

This sourcing obstacle means that it just isn't easy so not many brands/designers have succeeded trying to do it or probably couldn't even try. Jessica and Jay...being the amazing people that they are... were up to the challenge. They took every bit of advice and every lesson we taught them. They used every resource at FABRIC... from the tech pack consultations and pattern making to the sample sewing, to the sourcing and the marketing. They even shot the marketing photos in our studio and worked on branding here.

And now they've succeeded in doing what no one else has and they did it in less than 9 months! Developing a collection and getting it to this point normally takes a year or two and hundreds of thousands of dollars. They took the resources provided to them by our foundation and they used those resources to fill a need, to start a business in AZ, to provide jobs, to live their dreams and to be an example to the community of hundreds of local design entrepeneurs.

The launch of this brand's website is just another amazing step for our community and for FABRIC and AAF. We are excited to see what happens next for this brand.

Please support what they have created and place a pre-order on their site. Doesn't every woman need a set of undergarments that matches her skin tone no matter what shade of nude she is???? Shop at and support a locally made brand!!!!

Naked Rebellion Website