Moving from MOQs to OOQs

One of the main goals of the Fashion Eco Parc is to shift the mindset from MOQs (Minimum Order Quantity) to OOQs (Optimal Order Quantity), also known as Economic Order Quantity (EOQ).The purpose of Optimal Order Quantity is to find a balance in production that reduces emissions, minimizes waste, and support responsible sourcing and consumption practices while still being able to meet consumer demands. 

Incorporating OOQs into the supply chain will allow for companies to minimize the frequency and volume of shipments which will reduce the amount of emissions produced from the transportation of items. Minimizing the amount of emissions produced is crucial for the Earth's health as carbon dioxide emissions in the transportation sector account for about 38 percent of emissions in the United States- which is the largest share of any sector in the economy. Another way OOQs may minimize emissions is by motivating companies to source their materials locally which also reduces the transportation distances and their associated emissions. 

To have a sustainable supply chain companies must reduce the amount of waste they produce. OOQs help to control excess inventory by ordering the correct quantities, instead of over-gauging and ordering too much; every year there is about 92 million tonnes of textile waste produced globally. By having a more efficient inventory system through using OOQs companies can reduce waste generation. Another benefit of OOQ’s is they promote a more circular economy by encouraging businesses to order quantities that support recycling and reusing materials. 


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