Material flown to Arizona by the National Guard for FABRIC

FABRIC is now currently manufacturing thousands of FDA certified reusable isolation and barrier gowns for major healthcare facilities throughout the state of Arizona. These custom gowns are unique to each facility and were designed with the specifications provided by doctors from each facility.

Last week, the Arizona National Guard was called in to fly the nearly 7,000 pounds of highly coveted material from North Carolina to Arizona to expedite its delivery. The materials were sourced by FABRIC and provided by Precision Fabrics Group, a leading US-based manufacturer of woven and non-woven protective fabrics for multiple industries, including the healthcare workforce. This reusable isolation gown fabric can withstand more than 100 washes making it a more sustainable choice than disposable gowns. These reusable gowns will also provide more protection to health care workers than the commonly-used disposable gowns.

As the flight with the materials arrived it was featured on the local news and Governor Doug Ducey tweeted about it. On Monday, April 13, 2020, FABRIC held a press conference with Dr. Ronald Gagliano the surgeon who helped design the gowns FABRIC is making for Dignity Health, General Michael T. McGuire from the AZ National Guard, Dignity's President/CEO Linda Hunt, and FABRIC's Co-Founder Sherri Barry.

Every local news channel was in attendance.