LabelHorde/Sew Haus Menu of Services to be Offered in the New Incubator/Factory

I'd like to say a proper goodbye to 2015 because it was so good. I feel so grateful and excited for all that happened in 2015 that is already leading to an even better 2016! In 2015, officially launched after years of planning and building and it's doing exactly what I had envisioned by providing sourcing and support for AZ's fashion industry. I always knew that after we were established online, that the next natural step would be to move to a physical location where we'd be able to offer even more, but I didn't think it would happen so fast! At the end of this month, we will be moving into a physical brick and mortar home in the Scottsdale Airpark within the current Diego Milano/Sew Haus manufacturing factory. It's a beautiful space. We'll share photos as soon as we are moved in. For now, I just wanted to get you all excited about our full menu of services. This is a work in progress, but this is everything we hope to offer in this space. Some things will be available sooner than others, but if 2016 goes the way 2015 did, my guess is that it will be on the "sooner" side! So, here is a super special sneak peek of what we are working on right now to be able to offer in our new location starting as soon as next month! Stay tuned and spread the word!
Private Sketching Lessons
Private Sewing Lessons
Private Pattern Making Lessons
Private CAD Lessons on Photoshop, Illustrator, Gerber
Group Sewing Lessons (4 or more)
Group Sketching Lessons (4 or more)
Group Pattern Making Lessons (4 or more)
Group CAD Lessons (4 or more) on Photoshop, Illustrator, Gerber
Manufacturing Training/Sew Haus Certification Training:To earn SH certification to be hired for manufacturing or to be able to rent time on the machines
Digital Fashion Lessons (Video Tutorials)
Pattern making for apparel brands
Copy of basic bodice, pant, or skirt sloper for new apparel brands to adopt for fit/pattern making
Sample making (cutting and sewing)
Grading/Marking for manufacturing
Cutting for manufacturing
Sketching croquis or flats
Tech Packs
Small Fashion Brand Start Up Kit Papers
Sales of tech pack forms and other manufacturing/production documents
Event space for large fashion shows
Meeting/networking space
Seminars / Professional speaker series
Small fashion business start-up consultations and sourcing including How Manufacturing Works, Marketing, Designing a Collection and Business Structure
Fashion themed birthday parties
Spring Break Fashion Camp and Summer Fashion Camp
Custom garment making “You The Designer” (Take client through the process of making your own garment using sloper)
Rental of time on the industrial machines (must be SH certified)
Desk/Office/Studio space rental
Photo Studio Rental Space
Directory listing upgrade from free listing to $9.95/month listing for better visibility
Fashion Branding
Digital Marketing: Website, SEO and social media set up
Advertising space on
Event coordination services
Photo studio space
Photography lessons
Photography services
Expert Speaker for Outsourced Industry Presentations (Hire a Speaker)
Rent a dress form/mannequin for the day off premises
Oak Tag/Manila Pattern Paper
Dotted Pattern Drafting Paper
Muslin Fabric
Generic Stretch Knit fabric for draping
Fashion Books, publications and predictive/forecasting services
Sourcing library to help brands source fabrics and trims
Design supplies: scissors, awls, notchers, rabbit hole punch, pens, sewing supplies, pattern cards, and virtually everything needed in a design studio