In Limbo

Our quest to find the perfect space for LabelHorde has lead us into some unexpected territory. We have been talking with numerous cities and countless supporters but finding the perfect space has been a challenge, but it looks like we have found it (well, at least 95% sure) and its huge! As you can read from prior posts, its been a roller coaster. But, we've made some amazing progress. The purpose of this post is to update you on the latest.
As mentioned in the prior post, an amazing lady named Sherri Barry has joined the mission. She has started Arizona Fashion Source, LLC to handle the manufacturing component of this whole concept. AFS has purchased the 40 foot industrial cutting table complete with air compressor and spreader from Diego Milano. AFS has also purchased a lot of their industrial machines and miscellaneous equipment and furnishings that will be needed for manufacturing and for the space in general. LabelHorde, LLC already owns multiple industrial machines, dress forms and design studio supplies and will be bringing these items into the space as well and with your help from the gofundme, we were able to purchase a few more important items.
Together, LabelHorde and AFS will be able to offer emerging brands the consulting, sourcing, pattern making, sample sewing, and manufacturing. We'll also be offering lessons in pattern making, sewing, grading/marking/cutting, CAD, sketching, etc... And we will be offering co-working desks/offices for fashion professionals so they can work together collaboratively under one roof. This space needs to be big enough to not only offer all of that, but to also offer a space within the space reserved for large fashion shows where designers, fashion weeks, fashion organizations and virtually anyone can hold fashion shows and events.
In addition, we've founded a non-profit called Arizona Apparel Foundation. AAF will allow us to introduce the world of fashion design and manufacturing back to the community. The apparel trade has been kind of lost in the modern age, but recent interest has been resurfacing with re-shoring being a hot topic among many US industries including apparel manufacturing. AAF will allow us to offer affordable (and at times free) community services like lessons, events, vocational training and more to the public in an effort to promote social good in the fashion community.
So, LabelHorde, LLC, Arizona Fashion Source, LLC and the non-profit Arizona Apparel Foundation will be living in a shared space so that LabelHorde and AFS can provide the machinery and skilled workers that AAF needs to fulfill its mission.
We are finalizing the logistics on a perfect space that we have found where we can offer all of this, but this space may not be ready for us to move into for a few more months. There is a lot of red tape we are not at liberty to share yet. In the meantime, we've got some manufacturing to do for some local brands and we are determined to keep them in AZ so we are juggling their manufacturing in creative ways by contracting out some of the best sources in our own directory. However, we need a home for our 40 foot cutting table for the next three months or so until our permanent home is ready. We are looking for a space that has C2/C3 zoning and is at least 2500 square feet that would be willing to do a month to month lease until we can move into our permanent home. Please contact if you can help. Thank you!