How You Can Put AZ on the Fashion Map

Lately, we've been thrilled to get the stamp of approval from organizations that we admire like the Arizona Commerce Authority, Gerber-A Lectra Company, InBusiness Magazine, and more. Recognition like this does help corroborate and endorse our efforts and we're SEW grateful.

Advancing Apparel Manufacturing in Arizona with FABRIC - Produced by the AZ Commerce Authority

However, we can't thrive on praise alone. We need help to keep moving the needle.

  • Help us continue to put AZ on the fashion map as a new INNOVATIVE industry hub.
  • Help us democratize fashion for brands of any size… and remove obstacles for DISADVANTAGED ENTREPRENEURS that are minorities, veterans, disabled, or financially insecure.
  • Help us RE-SHORE manufacturing using state-of-the-art TECHNOLOGY.
  • Help us build a SUSTAINABLE fashion industry in the US.

Event income fuels our incubator. COVID has made a significant negative impact on this model.



A corporation that wants to align with entrepreneurism, technology, sustainability, reshoring manufacturing, and fashion, could put their name on our entity or any one of our initiatives.

Thanks for your anticipated support in helping us put AZ on the fashion map!