WHAT ARE WE HOPING TO FUND: LabelHorde is a FASHION HEADQUARTERS for Arizona that offers:
FASHION INDUSTRY SOURCING, EDUCATION, CONSULTING, DESIGN STUDIO SERVICES, MANUFATCURING, BUSINESS INCUBATION, CO-WORKING, EVENT SPACE for Arizona. The online portion of our business (Directory, Calendar, Classifieds, News) that provides sourcing is on www.labelhorde.com. We are now ready to offer the rest of the services listed above. Our goal is to keep AZ fashion brands from leaving AZ. Most local brands either fail or leave due to the lack of design and manufacutring resources here. We want to provide the things that AZ is missing that will help support local brands. WHY WE NEED THE FUNDS: We recently had the opportunity to test the additional services for a month inside of an existing manufacturing factory. In that time, we had a community of people (designers, pattern makers, consultants, cutters, seamstresses, teachers, etc...) all working together. We taught classes, helped local brands with pattern making, sample sewing, consulting, sourcing, grading (sizing), cutting and general business start up. We hosted seminars and events. We now have a list of about 15 local brands that are ready for us to start manufacturing for them.
The factory we are in is closing and we need to find a new home ASAP and are hoping for a subsidized location for a while until we get on our feet. There are a few different potential locations that we are working on. We will be bringing an industry, jobs, excitement, news and people to whatever city we end up moving to so we are hoping to get city support. But government moves slow, so we may need to rent another temporary space until then. If this is the case, we may need to use some of this money for rent to get going and do without a few of the items we are trying to fund. The closure of the factory we were in is providing an opportunity that we cannot afford to pass up. They are selling all of their equipment and are committed to pricing it at pennies on the dollar for LabelHorde only if we can buy it in the next week or two. We don't want to miss this opportunity to purchase the equipment that we will need for our new location. We have many of our own industrial machines and equipment acquired from the closure of a school so luckily we are pretty well set up for a design studio and for lessons. But to manufacture multiples for people, we could use more things. We were going to slowly acquire things over time, but we won't ever find these prices again so we have decided to start this gofundme in order to make sure we don't miss this chance. If you are interested in seeing a fashion headquarters for Arizona where designers and students can get what they need to start and grow their fashion businesses and insure their money gets spent back into our own economy, then please consider contributing to this project. Every dollar counts and if each member of the fashion community chipped in, we could make this happen as a community effort which is really what LabelHorde is all about. WHAT THE FUNDS WILL BE USED FOR: THE EQUIPMENT FROM THE FACTORY THAT'S CLOSING: $2500 This is a special price for LabelHorde only. The industrial cutting table with air compressor and spreader. This enables us to cut hundreds of layers at one time. (value: $25,000!!!) $500 Industrial electrical cutter and chain mail glove used to cut 100+ layers of fabric at once (value: $2,700) $1000 Industrial bar tack machine $1000 Industrial cylinder arm machine $150 Industrial fabric/paper roll holder on wheels (holds 10 rolls of fabric or pattern paper) (value: $1,200) $50 Legs Dress Form $75 Men's Dress Form $50 Industrial Button/Rivet die press $75 Industrial Steam Iron $75 Printer/scanner/copier $175 Lockers (for students and staff to store belongings while working in the facility) $50 (2) file cabinets $65 (13) stools (for seating around the cutting table) $75 (4) glass white board calendars $200 Additional supplies and furniture from the factory that would be useful ADDITIONAL ITEMS WE WILL EVENTUALLY NEED (NOT FROM THE FACTORY THAT'S CLOSING): $500 Lumen's Lady Bug Document Camera for projecting illustration lessons (this allows us to teach illustration to an entire class at once instead of just individuals) $1000 Desk, chair and filing cabinet for 6 co-working stations $3000 Computer loaded with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator for lessons and community use. $200 Servicing for (2) industrial machines that we own that are currently are not working $700 Industrial 4 thread safety stitch overlock machine (we have one, but need two.) $500 Home table top Serger that converts to coverstitch for lessons $400 Projector $800 Washer and Dryer Total: $12,940
WHAT YOU GET IN RETURN FOR YOUR CONTRIBUTION: Besides the personal feeling of satisfaction and pride you would feel for helping to create a fashion industry for AZ, we can also offer the following things in return... For everyone who contributes any amount, you will get your name and/or a link to your website on www.labelhorde.com on the Thank You page. For everyone who contributes $100 or more, you will get 1 of the following things... 1. We will add your name to the benefactor wall in our new facility. OR 2. You will get an upgraded directory listing (for fashion businesses only) which includes a photo, 1000 word description of your business, and an image on our home page slider for one year. ($120 value)
For everyone who contributes $250 or more, you will get an ad on our website banner ($200/month value) and in our newsletter ($40/month value) for two months. For everyone who contributes $500 or more, we will name an industrial piece of equipment after you and your name will be on that machine. For everyone who contributes $2000 or more, you will get 1 of the following things.... 1. Desk rental in our studio (Co-working) for 1 year ($200/month value) OR 2. Our Satin Ad Package: Upgraded directory listing with photo and 1000 word description ($120 value) and brand directory image on the home page slider Top Slider Ad ($2,400 value) Logo presence on 6 LabelHorde newsletters throughout the year 1 Social media recognition Link or your name on the About Page of our website under the Special Thanks section. OR 3. A room/wing/area of the new facility will be named after you. THANK YOU FOR YOUR DONATION Your contribution will provide jobs and support local fashion brands and fashion students and help the entire AZ industry grow and flourish.