Four Production Lines Up and Running

We now have all four production lines up and running to manufacture reusable isolation gowns for multiple healthcare facilities.

It has been a huge challenge filled with countless hurdles and obstacles, but we're tackling it. There's a reason that there isn't a lot of domestic manufacturing so ramping up to be a high capacity manufacturer has taken everything we've got. It's been tough to find enough skilled labor in Arizona because being able to sew on industrial machines in an assembly-line setting is much different than home sewing.

PPE Production Lines

Now this elite team just needs practice to achieve maximum efficiency. Every day they get better and better. We are very proud of all of them and grateful they were all up for the challenge.

As businesses begin to open up and life tries to return to some form of "normal" there are many unknowns. Will we lose team members to their regular jobs? What will a balance of PPE manufacturing with regular FABRIC programs and services look like? Will we need to move the PPE manufacturing to another facility so we can resume our regular programming? With so many unknowns, togehter we'll just keep moving forward with the support of our community and with the ultimate goal of continuing to keep our healthcare workers safe.