Forecasted Program Profitability of the Eco Fashion Park

Changing the system of clothing manufacturing could be daunting for businesses that are worried about profits plummeting with the development of a new model. Luckily, the Eco Fashion Park takes into consideration how production on demand with the use of on-shore manufacturing would increase profits long-term within the fashion industry. 

The model is set up to cut back on the overall cost of producing new clothing by minimizing waste and excess inventory. Products manufactured on-shore have higher initial costs but maintained margins increase as a result of higher full-price sales, lower markdowns, and, lower inventory carrying costs. 

The Eco Fashion Park model seeks to alleviate the issue of excessive textile waste within the fashion industry by designing and developing in real time upon demand to have zero waste, zero inventory, and zero risk. Reduced waste and optimized inventories would allow for program profitability via 100% full-price sell-through as opposed to having markdowns on the plethora of unused and unsold inventory.


FABRIC Eco Squad