Eco Fashion Week 2024 Wrap Up

Eco Fashion Week 2024 at FABRIC Incubator showcased a blend of sustainability, innovation, and style, captivating audiences with its forward-thinking approach to fashion. The week-long event featured a series of engaging and impactful events aimed at promoting eco-consciousness within the fashion industry.

Canvas Fashion Show with Rainf4ll Technology:

The Canvas Fashion Show wowed attendees with its innovative use of technology and commitment to sustainability. Rainf4ll, a cutting-edge digital certificate of authenticity technology, was integrated into the show. This technology allowed designers to provide transparent information about the materials used in each garment, including their origin and sustainability credentials. Attendees could scan NFC chips on the runway to access detailed information about the garments, fostering transparency and trust in the fashion supply chain. FABRIC is proud to add this technology to its growing list of service offerings for apparel entrepreneurs.

Adea: Adea showcased a collection of elegant and sustainable womenswear, featuring timeless silhouettes and luxurious fabrics. The finale look, a stunning gown, was created using the end-to-end technology available at FABRIC Incubator in just two days, highlighting the power of innovation available at FABRIC.


Bria Ale Bleu: Bria Ale Bleu impressed audiences with a collection of feminine women's wear, featuring floral prints and light airy silhouettes. Each piece exuded elegance and charm while highlighting the brand's dedication to sustainability.

Bria Ale Bleu

Amelia Walsh: Amelia Walsh presented a captivating collection of avant-garde fashion, inspired by butterflies, pushing the boundaries of sustainable design with bold shapes, vibrant colors, and innovative materials. Her creations reflected a fusion of artistry and eco-consciousness, inspiring attendees to embrace fashion as a form of creative expression and environmental advocacy.

Amelia Walsh

reFABRICate Upcycled Denim Fashion Show:

One of the standout events was the reFABRICate Upcycled Denim Fashion Show, where designers transformed discarded denim into stunning, eco-friendly garments featured on the runway at Tempe Marketplace. Demetrius Douglas, a student from Phoenix College, emerged as the winner of the reFABRICate Fashion Show, impressing the judges with his innovative design and commitment to sustainability.

An additional five finalists included Diana Tursanovic of Lady D Designs, Rebeca Saint Fleur of Melode, Lizette Gonzalez of Hummingbird, Sammi Satori - Mesa Community College Student, and Gail Friend of Gail Friend Designs. A special thanks to our judges... Beth Forsberg - SVP of Sustainability for Goodwill of Central and Northern AZ, Nicole Smith - Senior Manager of Sustainability Goodwill of Central and Northern AZ, Helen Jean - Jacquie Dorrance Curator of Fashion Design - Phoenix Art Museum, Uli Beator - Technical Designer & Pattern Maker for FABRIC 25+ years experience for some of the industry's biggest brands.

Photos by Creative Visual Images and Trent Brown

Eco Parc Summit

The Eco Parc Summit brought together global industry leaders, policymakers, and sustainability advocates at FABRIC to discuss Future Proof Fashion's Eco Parc vision.  The Eco Parc vision embodies a paradigm shift in the fashion industry, seamlessly integrating sustainability into every aspect of the production process and creating a circular supply chain model from responsibly sourcing materials to end of garment lifecycle solutions.  The eco parc serves as a beacon of hope for a future where style and sustainability are inseparable. What an honor it was to have so many esteemed members of the global supply chain in one room together at FABRIC working on a sustainable solution for the future of fashion. Thank you to Tempe Mayor Corey Woods and Congressman Greg Stanton for providing insight on public policy that could potentially provide support for an initiative like the Eco Parc.

Photos by Jenny Kaufman of Xposed Capture

Behind The Seams:

(Watch it HERE if you missed it in person)

Throughout the week, attendees had the opportunity to participate in informative panel discussions and workshops led by experts in sustainable fashion. Among the highlights was the Behind The Seams event, featuring Amanda McCarty of the Clotheshorse Podcast alongside industry veterans Bill McRaith and Christian Birky. This insightful discussion delved into the challenges and opportunities of sustainable fashion, exploring topics such as supply chain transparency, consumer education, and the role of collaboration and technology in driving positive change.

Photos by Jenny Kaufman of Xposed Capture

Eco Fashion Week may be over, but the excitement continues at FABRIC Incubator! Mark your calendars for May 30th, when we will be hosting another Behind The Seams event featuring Christin Oswald, the founder of  Rainf4ll the digital product passport technology used at FABRIC. Don't miss this opportunity to see the technology in person again if you missed it at Eco Fashion Week.

Overall, Eco Fashion Week 2024 at FABRIC Incubator was a resounding success, demonstrating that fashion can be both stylish and environmentally responsible. Through a combination of education, innovation, and creativity, the event inspired positive change and paved the way for a more sustainable fashion industry.

A big thank you to our sponsors, donors, volunteers, dedicated staff, participants, and everyone who made this possible. A special shout out to FABRIC's Executive Director, Leslie Lange for her tireless dedication and commitment. This project is partially funded by a City of Tempe - Community Arts Grant

SPONSORS: City of Tempe, Local First, Kornit, Tempe Marketplace, Goodwill, Rainf4ll, Green Living Magazine, Renee Nelson, Residence Inn Marriott Downtown Tempe, The Herb Box, Rusty Taco Tempe, Corella & Co., Tempe Print Shop, Urban Desert Flora, Starbucks, Olive Garden, Krispy Kreme.