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Press Release: AZ Fashion Source/LabelHorde/AZ Apparel Foundation Launch

Arizona Fashion Source, LLC | LabelHorde, LLC | Arizona Apparel Foundation 310 N. Val Vista Dr., #103, Mesa, AZ 85213www.AZFashionSource.com | www.LabelHorde.com | www.AZApparelFoundation.org 602-481-1032Info@AZFashionSource.com | LabelHordeFashion@gmail.com PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Angela Johnson Phone: 602-481-1032 Email: angela@angelajohnsondesigns.com ARIZONA: THE NEXT FASHION INDUSTRY STATEThree fashion entities collaborate to create the next U.S. fashion city ... Read more

Updated Website

I've been really working on improving our website lately. There are some tweaks that still need to be made and pictures that will be replaced with better ones soon, but overall, it's really coming along. I created the whole site myself except for the FASHION DIRECTORY page which was coded by Ronald Bravo....and has some ... Read more

The Home of AZ Fashion is Open for Business!

I’m so excited to share that we are open for business! We’ve even got this official sign on the door donated by a friend and supporter, Howard Gelman. We are located in Mesa on Val Vista and University until August when we will then move into our 23,000 sq. ft. building in a much more ... Read more

In Limbo

Our quest to find the perfect space for LabelHorde has lead us into some unexpected territory. We have been talking with numerous cities and countless supporters but finding the perfect space has been a challenge, but it looks like we have found it (well, at least 95% sure) and its huge! As you can read ... Read more

Our Next Move

April is turning out to be a very busy month in the local fashion industry. There are so many jobs, events and opportunities included in our Haute Off The Press newsletter that we can barely keep track. We are also very excited about the most recent things that have transpired over the past few weeks ... Read more


WHAT ARE WE HOPING TO FUND: LabelHorde is a FASHION HEADQUARTERS for Arizona that offers: FASHION INDUSTRY SOURCING, EDUCATION, CONSULTING, DESIGN STUDIO SERVICES, MANUFATCURING, BUSINESS INCUBATION, CO-WORKING, EVENT SPACE for Arizona. The online portion of our business (Directory, Calendar, Classifieds, News) that provides sourcing is on www.labelhorde.com. We are now ready to offer the rest ... Read more

We Need Help Finding a New Home

A month ago, we were invited to move into the Diego Milano denim factory in Scottsdale to prove our concept. We are so thankful to them because this has allowed up to test out what is needed in our community and how we can offer it. It has been a great success and we have ... Read more

Phx Start Up Series

Today I went to 3 seminars at Phx Start Up Week hoping to learn how I can get funding or even government support for LabelHorde…after all, LabelHorde is filling a need, offering assistance/education/consulting to countless local fashion brands, hoping to keep fashion manufacturing in AZ, hoping to keep and bring jobs to AZ in fashion, ... Read more

What happened in our Incubator Just in Week 2?

This article in the AZ Republic came out about how the fashion industry doesn’t bring in any significant money to the AZ economy. Luckily, we had the opportunity to share that LabelHorde’s mission is to change that and that the ultimate reason we started LabelHorde was because we watch local brands leave the state and ... Read more

We Moved Into a Factory!

If you’ve been following along on social media, you know that we’ve had a busy week. If not, allow me to fill you in! Fifteen years ago, I moved back to AZ from LA and was forced to close down my clothing brand monkeywench due to lack of manufacturing resources in AZ. From that moment ... Read more