Eco Fashion Park: Infrastructure

The Eco Fashion Park has an infrastructure that is made up of three different sections- garment creation, garment lifespan, and garment EOL (end of life). The infrastructure aims to create a network of onshore manufacturing capabilities that will be adjunct to offshore and nearshore manufacturing.  The goal of the garment creation aspect for this model ... Read more

Collaboration within the Eco Park

A key element to the 2030 Supply Chain Vision is collaboration between many players in the supply chain process, to create a shared vision and working together on a shared profitability model across the supply network. Collaboration would take place between onshore and global manufacturers, academia and advanced machine manufacturers, NGOs and banks/funding, non-profits, and ... Read more

What is the Technology Behind the MDDO?

Technology is one aspect of how the 2030 Supply Chain Vision works. It’s about interconnecting the supply chain to allow efficient flow of production between the different channels. Technology is a way for the supply chain to communicate effectively regarding live data sales, costs, trends, and much more to ensure optimization. The 2030 Supply Chain ... Read more

Moving from MOQs to OOQs

One of the main goals of the Fashion Eco Parc is to shift the mindset from MOQs (Minimum Order Quantity) to OOQs (Optimal Order Quantity), also known as Economic Order Quantity (EOQ).The purpose of Optimal Order Quantity is to find a balance in production that reduces emissions, minimizes waste, and support responsible sourcing and consumption ... Read more

Forecasted Program Profitability of the Eco Fashion Park

Changing the system of clothing manufacturing could be daunting for businesses that are worried about profits plummeting with the development of a new model. Luckily, the Eco Fashion Park takes into consideration how production on demand with the use of on-shore manufacturing would increase profits long-term within the fashion industry.  The model is set up ... Read more

Building and Eco Fashion Park Summit

For many people, fashion is a way to express yourself and be creative. And even if you’re not into fashion trends, everyone in our society relies on clothing. This makes it an important industry to nourish and improve. Today’s current fast fashion works by overproducing clothing to drive down unit costs. Inefficient communication in the ... Read more

Grand Opening of the Nation's First Phygital Fashion Innovation Center

The Moving the Needle Grand Opening was a huge success and we are sew grateful to the 40+ designers/brands who participated and to the attendees and donors who shared this special day with us. Missed out? Don’t worry! Click HERE to check out photos, videos, and connect with all of the participants! Thank you to Tempe Mayor Corey Woods, Economic ... Read more

BIPOC Micro-Manufacturing Grant

FABRIC is beyond excited to be one of the entities included in the City of Tempe BIPOC Micro Manufacturing Grant! These funds will be used to help Tempe BIPOC Apparel Entrepreneurs manufacture their products here in Tempe. So, not only are we able to provide the training and guidance that an apparel entrepreneur needs to get ... Read more

How You Can Put AZ on the Fashion Map

Lately, we've been thrilled to get the stamp of approval from organizations that we admire like the Arizona Commerce Authority, Gerber-A Lectra Company, InBusiness Magazine, and more. Recognition like this does help corroborate and endorse our efforts and we're SEW grateful. However, we can't thrive on praise alone. We need help to keep moving the ... Read more

Eco Fashion Week 2022

FABRIC Friday presented by Kornit Digital at Phoenix Fashion Week

In March of 2020, we were in the middle of planning Eco Fashion Week, and like so many others, we had to put our event on a seemingly endless pause. When our event space was transformed into a PPE factory to manufacture reusable medical gowns to mitigate the PPE shortage, it was hard to imagine ... Read more