Apprenticeship Certification Program

Workforce Training as an Industrial Sewing Machine Operator in an Advanced Manufacturing Setting

FABRIC's industrial sewing certification & apprenticeship program provides comprehensive training, ensuring job seekers acquire technical skills and essential knowledge, while also offering employers assurance of proficiency and productivity in their workforce.


Summer 2024 program starting soon. Pre-enroll for more information.

FABRIC provides a 192-hour workforce training program called Fundamentals of Industrial Sewing & Production (FISP) developed by ISAIC in a state-of-the-art factory using innovative technologies, software, automated equipment, and digital information.

Apprenticeship Timeframe:

One to two years with a minimum of 2,000 - 2,145 hours, supplemented by the minimum required 192 hours of related instruction.

Industrial sewing certifications offer a direct pathway to apprenticeships, providing hands-on experience and specialized skills crucial in various industries. With increasing demand for skilled sewers in sectors like fashion, automotive, and upholstery, these certifications open doors to stable careers. They equip individuals with proficiency in operating industrial sewing machines, working with tech packs, handling various materials, and quality control, enhancing employability. Apprenticeships offer valuable on-the-job training, mentorship, and potential employment opportunities post-certification. This structured approach ensures practical skill development, making it an attractive option for career changers seeking reliable prospects in an evolving job market.

ISAIC's FISP Program:

Apprentices in this program will work on automated equipment like single-needle lock stitch, sergers/overlock, coverstitch machines and be exposed to chain stitch machines as well as a variety of needles, threads, machine beds, feed mechanisms, folders, binders, guides and assists.

Apprentices will be trained in understanding and using digital tech packs to ensure quality and accuracy.

Apprentices will be exposed to a variety of materials in order to recognize their properties and learn
methods for setting up and configuring the machine and handling the materials to get best results.

There are over 50 Practices focused on specific skills for which students receive bundles of cutwork and match their abilities to “how-to” videos and illustrated Quality Assurance examples. Apprentices sew six complete Projects to show their skills in a portfolio.


Trained apprentices available Fall 2024 Pre-enroll for more information.

Elevate your sewing factory with certified apprentices trained in advanced manufacturing! Experience heightened productivity and superior craftsmanship by investing in skilled individuals who have completed industrial sewing certifications. In a world where the art of sewing is becoming a lost skill, hiring apprentices trained in advanced manufacturing can reduce turnover costs, increase productivity, and provide a tailored pipeline of skilled workers. With tailored training programs, swiftly adapt to your production processes, inject innovation into your operations, and bring fresh perspectives and dedication while seamlessly integrating into your workforce. Join industry leaders in nurturing talent and unlocking the transformative power of certified apprentices. Elevate your factory's performance today!

Benefits for Employers:

  • 91% of apprentices stay at the job where they received training
  • Increased productivity
  • More engaged workfors
  • Invest in employees
  • Program is specific to your needs
  • Understand what skills are being learned by your employee
  • MOre applicants for open roles
  • Helps with recruiting by broadening the applicant pool