I wanted to send you a quick thanks for welcoming us to Tempe earlier this month, and for giving us a tour of the FABRIC incubator. Your story and your business represent the spirit and ingenuity of the American people, and your resilience through this pandemic is admirable.

President Joe Biden
President of the United States of America

FABRIC turns fashion dreams into thriving small businesses.

Mayor Mark Mitchell
Tempe Arizona Mayor 2012-2020

FABRIC is supporting small business, innovation, and sustainability.

Representative Greg Stanton
U.S. Representative D-AZ 9th District | Phoenix Mayor 2012-2018

Our product turned out AMAZING!  The fit is honestly incredible, the craftsmanship is precise!
I really appreciate you ladies for making the impossible come together so seamlessly, quickly, and cost-effectively for our budget.  It meant a lot to us that we were able to work with a local AND female-led company.  You were all a delight to work with, and I hope there are many more collaborations in the future!

Creative Director of theONswitch, LLC

Thank you so much for the virtual FABRIC tour this morning. It was so awesome to hear from you firsthand why you started FABRIC & the passion you have for helping others be successful! I have been working through the roadmap this last week & am so amazed with the content and clarity of each step. I seriously can't believe how well organized and broken down each step is. I am learning so much!

I went to lunch last week with someone who has been in the fashion industry for 20+ years and she spoke so highly of FABRIC and how there is literally nothing else out there like what you do. I feel so lucky to have found FABRIC & even luckier that you are here in Arizona. 

I keep thinking that it's almost too good to be true to have everything in one place, but it seems like you guys are just that good! I am seriously excited to use all of the incredible resources and education that the roadmap provides and to work with you guys on all of the steps moving forward!

Thank you, again for this morning and for all of the cool things you are doing. I hope your convention goes well & you have a great weekend!

Owner of Datter

Thank you FABRIC! I truly cannot explain how wonderful of an experience I have had here. I do not come from a fashion background and the Roadmap was one of the best tools I’ve ever seen. It guided me step by step and had everything I needed. I loved that when going through the roadmap if I still needed help, I could schedule with someone in that exact department. I thrive in an organized setting where I know what to expect and the roadmap is extremely well organized. The FABRIC team is also incredible. I first met with Angela and did a consultation, and her guidance was so helpful. I worked closely with Uli from the very beginning with my technical flat. She guided me all the way through production. Her expertise helped me develop my product even better than I could have imagined. Bria was so helpful throughout the process and provided me necessary information along the way. As I am about to launch my business, I cannot say Thank You enough. I am beyond grateful for all the help from the FABRIC team! 

Allison Brooks

I wanted to let you know eclisse is live and filling orders. So exciting.... SEW exciting!!! I could not have gotten this launched without each and everyone of you! Thank you! This is just the beginning. YAY!!


Wendee Saunders

I’ve been working with Angela & Sherri and all of the amazing women at FABRIC for the past few years after approaching them with a single product idea.  They took someone coming from the IT industry that had no fashion experience, and helped me turn that idea into a product and eventually expand to create an entire line of sustainable, eco-friendly, high quality clothing.  Without FABRIC, that dream would never have been a reality.  They are transforming the industry and making a fashion hub outside of NY & LA right here in Phoenix, AZ!  They are the business behind the business. Sherri was also so kind and spent time walking me through my tax license application. She did not rush and made sure I had all of the information that I needed to move forward. She gave me advice beyond what I expected. I was so stressed about this part and she made it so easy for me! Now I have my TPT and am one step closer to launch my brand.

Chris Coriale
Christopher J. Apparel

Working with Uli and the entire team at FABRIC has been the closest way to describe watching a dream come true. The team is able to use their intelligence and expertise to dig in to understand your needs, and then they are able to actually bring that to life with incredible craftsmanship. Along the way, I leveraged their Road Map programming, and it put into words an incredible education for learning the in's and out's of the garment manufacturing world in a way that's easily understood and inspirational. My experience has helped me feel grateful to say the least!

Leigh Coggiola-Belza
Apparel Entrepreneur + Founder of Leaxy

I’m currently watching the videos in the portal. While listening to one of the videos you said something like “Don’t give yourself a deadline. It’s too stressful and you’re going to miss it anyway.”  I’d just like to say thank you for including that piece of advice. It’s very timely.  I’ve been very guilty of this and I’m a one-woman show which makes me responsible for everything.  You have an awesome team and I will shout about you guys from the top of the mountain once I’m launched and anyone will listen to me. Hope you have a great day!

Elizabeth Domnisch
Apparel Entrepreneur

Thank you so much for all your help in getting my golf clothing line started. I could not have done this without your help and Uli was fantastic through the whole process. Coming from outside the industry, your team’s guidance through the whole process was invaluable for me to get started. Anyone looking to start their own brand should contact FABRIC in Tempe. They will guide you through the whole process and save you time and money. Thanks again and I will keep you updated on our success and progress. 

Jeff Arger
Apparel Entrepreneur + Founder of Rowdy Boys Golf

FABRIC is an absolute gold mine for any fashion entrepreneur. Starting with Angela, the amount of resources, capabilities, and spirit present at FABRIC is incredible. Their mission to democratize fashion is genuine and infectious and I truly feel they can help with all shapes and sizes of a fashion startup. There is an incredibly detailed roadmap to walk you through every step of building a fashion brand for the new entrepreneur all the way up to a-la-cart services for the more seasoned business that may just be looking to experiment and produce a lower quantity run or seek consulting services and expand their manufacturing options. I highly recommend it to any apparel business both in and outside of the Arizona community.

Scott Turner
Apparel Entrepreneur + Founder of Moment Apparel

I wanted to thank you for the incredible tour you provided to our students last evening. It was engaging, educational, and inspiring. Even after the tour, in the 110 degree weather, my students wanted to stand outside and talk about what they had experienced. I'm so appreciative of what you have brought to our communities and look forward to your next chapter.

Joy Sprink
Phoenix College Adjunct Professor

I have been working through the roadmap this last week & am so amazed with the content and clarity of each step. I seriously can't believe how well organized and broken down each step is. I am learning so much!

I went to lunch last week with someone who has been in the fashion industry for 20+ years and she spoke so highly of FABRIC and how there is literally nothing else out there like what you do. I feel so lucky to have found FABRIC & even luckier that you are here in Arizona. 

I keep thinking that it's almost too good to be true to have everything in one place, but it seems like you guys are just that good!

Sarah Plowman
Apparel Entrepreneur

Attended the Apparel Entrepreneur Crash Course on February 10th and 11th. The best class I have taken in years. Angela's knowledge of the fashion and manufacturing industry is so vast and she covered much more than I was expecting. I learned so much in those 2 days and her class really motivated me to get started on a dream of mine, to having a clothing line, which has been a dream of mine since I was a kid. Looking forward to taking more classes.

Christine Guararra
Apparel Entrepreneur

I went through most of the course modules and have found the information you presented to be very comprehensive and a valuable learning experience.  Over the past decade, I have done a lot of online training to learn marine canvas work, auto upholstery, and residential upholstery, none of the courses I have bought are as well-produced and as comprehensive as yours.

For me, the courses on creating the "tech pack" were most valuable, not unlike the blueprints and materials specifications when I worked in construction. Having an overabundance of specific information does increase one's odds of success.

Malcolm Matusky
Apparel Entrepreneur

I have had so many positive conversations with students that toured FABRIC. Your information was such a learning plethora for these students. Honestly far more rich than what they get tour everywhere else. Hearing how it comes together and all the details of bringing a garment to market was incredible. I will continue to support what you are doing through talking with students interested in Fashion! 

Barb Dwyer
Highland High School College & Career Liaison

If it weren’t for Fabric, I’m not sure I would have ever taken on my dream of starting a fashion line. Making clothes involves much more than I could have ever thought, but FABRIC breaks it down with an easy to understand step-by-step process. They have been so helpful, thoughtful, and responsive in every way and I absolutely love working with them. I'm so grateful for all they do!

Lindsay Oliver
Apparel Entrepreneur

NeoLight has been working with FABRIC for the past 3 years, and we have had a good experience. FABRIC has programs focused on helping up and coming designers. Their programs are structured to take concepts to manufacturable articles. FABRIC’s programs also focus on educating startups regarding apparel manufacturing. Working synergistically with FABRIC helps companies manufacture SKUs within no constraints on MOQs until companies can transition over to scalable manufacturing. They have a knowledgeable and friendly team, and we have had a great experience working with  Angela, Sherri, Kate, and Uli.

Co-Founder / Lead Engineer @ NeoLight

I wanted to thank you for the opportunity by granting me a $3495 scholarship into the Apparel Entrepreneurship program. This will allow me to start diving into what’s been on my to-do list for so long! This was the push I needed to get started.  I really appreciate this opportunity. I’ve taken a look, and so far all the information looks very easy to navigate, to understand, and laid out in an organized way for me to get to work on missing documentation and I love that I can check off my progress along the way.  To some, it may be just fashion, but to me, this is my passion and life’s dream. I’ve tried to do a lot of this on my own through trial & error. I need a little help, and you get it. Thank you so much for the guidance! 

Nicola Vendettoli
Apparel Entrepreneur/Designer @ Hell On Heels Couture

Thank you again for all your contributions to making the world a safer and healthier place. I’m proud to know you. You are beloved by our whole city. Thanks for all you do.

Kris Baxter-Ging
City of Tempe Public Information Officer

Thank You for all that you have helped me with. Without you helping me and your classes, I do not think that it would have been possible. So thank you again. I am truly happy that you offer the services you do and will definitely pass my experience on to fellow designers. Thank you, you ladies Rock!!!

Amanda of LaPlantereuse 
Apparel Entrepreneur

As an intern at FABRIC, I was able to build connections with many professionals from the industry. The guidance and mentoring that I received from Angela Johnson enabled me to be accepted into a fashion college where I can continue to grow as a fashion student.

Rachel Lawful
Fashion Student / FABRIC Intern

GREAT NEWSSS!!!!!!!! OMG!!!! I got a phone call from SCAD and received the "Artistic Honors Scholarship"!!!!! full ride to school based on my portfolio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gonna move to Atlanta and pursue this fashion design dream~!~ thank you for everything I owe it all to you and I couldn't have put together that portfolio without all of the knowledge you all have blessed me with! My prayers have been answered and it makes me realize how hard work pays off!! I will never doubt myself again!!

THANK YOU SO MUCH!! this means the world to me and I am so thankful for your guidance.

Fashion Student

I have some amazing news to tell you... I have been accepted in to FIDM's Professional Designation program for Apparel Manufacturing Management.  Thank you SO much for all your help.  I'm going this weekend to sign paperwork, take a tour, and check out "market", seeing how its open to the public on the last Friday of the month. I'm starting in the Fall quarter. You have been a great influence on my education, future, and career.

Fashion Student

I got a great customer from my directory listing. I think my client tomorrow is also a directory browser too.  That is two more clients than my $1000 ad in a local magazine brought me. Thanks so much for the support.  I really do appreciate it.

Boutique Owner

You are the driving force behind this whole industry here in Arizona. It is not just my daughter and myself who should be very grateful, everyone you are involved with within this industry should be also. I sincerely believe that if it wasn't for your dedication and fortitude, there would be no fashion industry in Arizona.

My hats off to you. You truly deserve any and all credit that comes your way. Take a moment and reflect on all you have done. I think you will see why we have become dedicated in working with you. You are wonderful and a pleasure to work with.

Father of aspiring model

I just wanted to let you know that I have been accepted into Fashion Institute of Technology in New York thanks to you. I couldn't have done it without you! There were 4,000 applicants and only 200 got in and this was just for fashion design.

Fashion Student

Seriously, you can even quote me.  I am giving you credit to my award last night, without you the fashion scene would not be happening right now!  It's absolutely amazing how 3 years ago that we struggling to find nice places to show my evening and bridal gowns.  And now I can think of more that a dozen events we've done that absolutely boosted my career!  Thank you! Always in grateful to you,

Jennyvi Dizon
Arizona Designer now based in New York

I'm not exactly sure how to capture my gratitude for your team upon receiving my gorgeous garments in the mail. Each piece represents a labor of love, and as I reflect on creating these gorgeous little bad boys I think about how thankful I am for your team. My greatest fear coming into this process was not knowing what the heck I was doing and messing it all up. Never once did anyone make me feel dumb for not knowing what I was doing. It was your team's calming presence and expertise that consecutively made me feel like I could do this.
Uli, you are a little goddess wrapped up in magic and I am so grateful I got to work with you as my designer/Renaissance woman. I just had to thank you AGAIN.
Who knows where I go from here, but I picture myself walking into a sunset, a great abyss of the unknown - not entirely sure what I'm doing, but feeling extremely grateful for meeting each one of you and your team along the way to help give me wings to go for it.

Leigh Coggiola-Belza
Apparel Entrepreneur + Founder of Leaxy