We're flattered to have received such a great reception and kind words from the City of Tempe, the State of Arizona, and the greater fashion community. Below is a selection of awards, nationwide recognition, and press we've received over the years.

Biden Harris visit FABRIC
Photo by Adam Schultz / Biden for President

Awards & Recognition


Tempe Chamber Business Woman of the Year Finalist - FABRIC Co-Founder Angela Johnson


Non-Profit of the Year - AZ Trending

Downtown Tempe Social Impact Award

Downtown Tempe Business Impact Award Nominee

Downtown Tempe Environmental Impact Award Nominee for EcoFW

Downtown Tempe Iconic Business Nominee


Winner of the Gerber Ideation Competition


Biden/Harris visit FABRIC

AZ Bio Fast Lane Award


Greater Phoenix Chamber's Athena Award Finalist - Co-Founder Angela Johnson

Tempe Chamber Business Woman of the Year - Co-Founder Sherri Barry

ASU President's Award for Sustainability for TCH Banner Bag Program

Voluntary Environmental Stewardship Program Award - AZ Department of Environmental Quality


Fashion Humanitarian Award - Co-Founder Angela Johnson

Phoenix Business Journal's Outstanding Women in Business - Co-Founder Angela Johnson


Tempe Mayor's Disability Award - Employer of the Year

Downtown Tempe Business Community Impact Award



7/10/23  AZ Big Media article titled The Business of Fashion: Here's How Big it is in Phoenix, about FABRIC’s role in the growing fashion industry in Arizona.

6/6/23 The Needles Eye newsletter article titled “Upfront with FABRIC: A Fashion Incubator” and “Upfront with FABRIC: Co-Founders

6/2/23 STNTV features FABRIC Co-Founder Angela Johnson along with SVP of Sustainability for Goodwill Beth Forsberg to speak on sustainability and announce a partnership to work on textile circularity for Arizona. 

5/26/23 Fox10 News feature on FABRIC’s new facility featuring brands that use FABRIC’s resources including Heights Apparel, Technoir Candy, Pastiche La Femme, and eclisse’.

5/9/23 Fox10 News feature on FABRIC upcycling the banners from the Superbowl into tote bags.

5/8/23 Phoenix Business Journal features FABRIC’s new Phygital Fashion Innovation Center

4/28/23 Tempe This Week podcast featuring FABRIC Co-Founder Angela Johnson speaking on sustainability. Episode 9

4/17/23 Phoenix Business Journal mentions Co-Founder Angela Johnson as a notable Alumni of FIDM in an article about the ASU FIDM partnership.

4/20/23 AZ Family coverage of FABRIC’s new facility

4/14/23 Arizona Midday coverage of reFABRICate featuring FABRIC Co-Founder Angela Johnson and designer Bye Frisbie

4/14/23 AZ Big Media covers Eco Fashion Week 2023 including reFABRICate and FABRIC’s Grand Opening of its new facility

4/5/20 AZ Foothills features FABRIC’s move and creation of the first US Phygital Fashion Innovation Center.

1/2023 Electric Runway coverage of Lectra’s Ideation LA featuring FABRIC

1/27/23 The Chic Daily - FABRIC’s Angela Johnson Creating a Sustainable Fashion World


12/20/22 California Apparel News article quotes FABRIC Co-Founder Angela Johnson at the Gerber/Lectra Ideation event at FIDM

11/22 Designers + Digital Print Big Picture article 

10/6/22 Press conference on Tempe BIPOC micro-manufacturing grant

10/6/22 Fox10 Features FABRIC as recipient of Tempe BIPOC micro-manufacturing grant

9/15/22 In Business Magazine feature about BIPOC manufacturing grant awarded to FABRIC

8/22 Apparelist: Bringing Fashion and Textile Production Home

8/2/22 FABRIC Co-Founder Sherri Barry is featured in InBusiness Magazine

6/28/22 Gerber, A Lectra Company “Staying Curious Podcast” Episode 3

6/27/22 AZInno Biz Journals by AZ Commerce Authority

5/12/22 Chandler News Tempe non-profit Making Fashion More Sustainable

4/21/22 AZTV7 AZ Daily Mix EcoFW reFABRICate coverage with designers in studio

4/21/22 Ch. 12 News coverage of EcoFW Sustainable Pop Up Earth Day Extravaganza

4/20/22 AZTV AZ Daily Mix coverage of EcoFW Earth Day Extravaganza at FABRIC

4/18/22 Fox10 Coverage of EcoFW reFABRICate Fashion Show at FABRIC

4/22 Impossible Into Possible article about the technology FABRIC is using for on-demand print, cut, sew

4/7/22 Green Living article on technology that FABRIC makes accessible to apparel entrepreneurs

4/1/22 Ch. 3 Good Morning AZ Coverage of the EcoFW reFABRICate fashion show efforts to collect donated jeans to be upcycled by designers in the show

3/22 Apparel Views article on the on-demand print, cut, sew, pack, ship model through FABRIC

3/1/2022 Green Living Magazine article about the technology


10/29/21 Desertwood Daze with Kathy Blaze features FABRIC Co-Founder Angela Johnson and her effort to create FABRIC

10/28/21 Voyage Phoenix article about FABRIC Co-Founder Angela Johnson's efforts to start a fashion industry in AZ

6/29/21 Wrangler News article about FABRIC striving to make Tempe a fashion capital

5/13/2021 Tempe Mayor Corey Woods Shares FABRIC's PPE Efforts in East Valley Partnership Celebration

1/1/21 FABRIC is included in article about Gerber Technology donating PPE

1/14/21 What They Think announces 500K medical gowns made by FABRIC

1/14/21 AZ Big Media announces 500K medical gowns made by FABRIC

1/25/21 Daily Independent story on 500k medical gowns made by FABRIC


12/14/20 Frontdoors announces 500K Medical Gowns made by FABRIC

12/14/21 AZ Big Media announces 500K Medical Gowns made by FABRIC

12/14/21 What They Think announces 500K Medical Gowns made by FABRIC

12/14/20 FABRIC Tempe: A New Beginning featured in What They Think!

1/1/21 FABRIC is included in article about Gerber Technology donating PPE

12/14/20 FABRIC Tempe: A New Beginning featured in What They Think!

12/4/20 ASU Walter Cronkite School of Journalism student video on sustainable PPE manufacturing by Kasey Brammell and Sedona  Meadows

12/3/20 The Chic Mag

12/1/20 In Business Magazine

11/17/20 The Hill article on Domestic PPE production mentions FABRIC’s efforts to make PPE

10/30/20 Tempe State of the City features FABRIC twice (16:40 in and 33:20 in)

10/14/20 BBC coverage of Biden Harris visit to AZ including FABRIC

10/9/20 Biden and Harris visit FABRIC follow up interview with Ch. 3 News

10/8/20 Biden and Harris visit FABRIC AZ Central coverage

9/21/20 Christopher J Apparel appears on Fox 10 at FABRIC

9/18/20 AZ Bio Fast Lane Award on ABC15 

9/15/20 Enterprise Bank & Trust Stories of Community Impact

9/16/20 CW61 shows AZ Bio Awards featuring FABRIC as recipients of the AZ Bio Fast Lane Award

6/26/20 Fashionpreneur Podcast

6/1/20 KJZZ on NPR

5/27/20 ShoutoutAZ:

2/6/20 East Valley Innovates video with Mayor Mark Mitchell featuring FABRIC  

2/4/20 GoDaddy features FABRIC in Icons of our Tribe  

1/16/20 ASU Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts article about sustainable fashion featuring FABRIC’s role in moving the industry toward sustainability

1/24/2020 Angela and Sherri featured on SuccessLab Podcast:  Paving the Way for the Fashion Industry in Arizona,

1/22/20 Frontdoors Magazine article titled “AZ Apparel Foundation Awards 6 Local Designers Designer in Residence Scholarship Opportunities”

1/17/20 FABRIC Co-Founder Sherri is quoted in ASU Now article 


9/6/19 ASU W.P. Carey News article about FABRIC Co-Founder Sherri Barry's vision of the customized, environmentally friendly future of fashion

7/26/19 Phoenix Magazine article about Designer in Residence fashion show Cultivate

7/16/19 Relentless Talk Radio Interview

3/19 Front Doors Cover Story

3/19 ASU Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts. The Guidebook: How to Design the Future


11/5/18 Front Doors story on the fashion scene in AZ

11/1/18 Giving In Style coverage of FABRIC’s 2 Year Anniversary Party Project Runway showcase

10/20/18 Phoenix Business Radio X Interview with FABRIC co-founders and AAF board chair

FALL 2018 Elevate AZ

OCTOBER 2018 Java magazine coverage of Cultivate Show

OCTOBER 2018 Modern Luxury Scottsdale coverage of Project Runway designers at FABRIC

SEPTEMBER 2018 AAF Co-Founder Angela Johnson featured on Phoenix Business Radio to discuss Living Brave book featuring Angela’s role in co-founding FABRIC

7/23/18 Fox 10 LabelHorde Fashion Camp coverage

7/18 AZ PBS Walter Cronkite News LabelHorde Fashion Camp coverage

6/26/18 Article by Gloria Feldt ,New York Times bestselling author and co-founder and president of Take The Lead, a nonprofit women’s leadership organization, titled The FABRIC Of Our Lives: 5 Lessons From Fashion Incubator Co-founders

5/3/18 Front Doors Media article on AZ Eco Fashion Week reFABRICate fashion show

5/2/18 Inspired Media 360 Carey Pena and Tyler Butler discuss FABRIC

5/18 Phoenix Business Journal article on local brand LoveOverH8 mentions F.A.B.R.I.C.

4/24/18 Cronkite News

4/18 Phoenix Business Journal Outstanding Women in Business award for FABRIC co-founder Angela Johnson

4/11/18 ASU State Press Article on AZ Eco Fashion Week

4/4/18 ASU NOW

3/1/18 Green Living Magazine coverage of AZ Eco Fashion Week

2/23/18 Voyage Phoenix Magazine

2/12/18 AZ Family coverage of TCH Banner project

1/23/18 Ch. 12 News TCH ASU Banner project

1/3/18 AZ Family Ch. 3 Good Morning AZ Jaime’s Local Love feature


12/11/17 KJZZ Radio

12/6/17 Metiza

12/1/17 RedbookAZ article

12/1/17 ABC 15 coverage of TCH enclave making bags from recycled banners for ASU’s sustainability school through the support of AAF at FABRIC

11/17/17 Voyager Phoenix

12/17/17 Phoenix Magazine

9/29/17 Phoenix Business Journal

10/5/17 City of Tempe Newsroom

9/28/17 ABC15

9/28/17 Good Morning Arizona

9/28/17 Fox 10 Arizona Morning

9/22/17 TechAZ

9/21/17 AZ Foothills

9/1/17 ABC 15

7/21/17 Entrepreneur Magazine

7/17/17 Ch. 12 News

6/19/17 East Valley Tribune

6/30/17 YurAZ on Cox FABRIC Feature

6/30/17 YurAZ on Cox Angela’s Feature

6/30/17 YurAZ on Cox Sherri’s Feature

5/26/17 Ch. 3 and 5

5/17 Fox 10 News

5/8/17 Spot 127

4/21/17 Phoenix Business Journal

4/17/17 Maricopa Now TV

3/22/17 AZ Red Book

1/23/17 State Press

1/17/17 Arizona Horizon on PBS or cued up at 8 minutes and 50 seconds


12/20/16 Urbanite Runway

1/12/16 LA Fashion Snob

12/12/16 Fox 10

12/12/16 Ch. 5 and Ch. 3 news

12/9/16 Fox 10

11/16 KJZZ

11/16 City of Tempe Mayor's State of the City address

10/26/16 East Valley Tribune

10/16 CW6

9/22/16 Wrangler News

9/16/16 Fox 10

9/16/16 ABC15 News coverage

9/16/16 Phoenix Business Journal

9/16 KTAR

9/12/16 Phoenix Business Journal

9/12/16 KJZZ

9/16 Luca Magazine

9/16 Phoenix New Times

7/25/16 Blasting News