FABRIC is a fashion incubator, business accelerator, design studio, academy, and manufacturer that is sustainably disrupting, redefining and reshoring the fashion industry for the modern apparel entrepreneur.

What Is Fabric

What Is Fabric?


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What Can I Do At Fabric

What Can I Do At Fabric?

About FABRIC Incubator

Welcome to FABRIC, the Fashion and Business Resource Innovation Center. Founded by apparel entrepreneurs Sherri Barry and Angela Johnson, FABRIC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit incubator dedicated to democratizing access to the fashion industry. Our mission is to support apparel entrepreneurs by removing barriers and providing essential resources, empowering them to create sustainable and ethical small-batch productions domestically using state-of-the-art technology.

Why FABRIC Exists

The fashion industry is dominated by large brands that often rely on overseas production, resulting in unsustainable practices and ethical concerns. Small brands face significant challenges in producing domestically in small batches, which is a more sustainable option. FABRIC was established to address these challenges and provide a nurturing environment for emerging fashion brands and established brands trying to re-shore and venture into batched-on-demand manufacturing.

Our Founders' Journey

Angela Johnson, a fashion graduate, designer, and production manager in the 90s, discovered the secrets of small-batch domestic manufacturing. During this time, she grew a streetwear brand called Monkeywench in LA, which gained international acclaim. The brand sold worldwide and was worn by dozens of celebrities. However, after moving to Arizona, Angela found a lack of local resources and had to shut down her brand. While starting a new brand upcycling T-shirts into ballgowns, Angela dedicated the next 15 years to nurturing and growing a fashion industry in Arizona by teaching, consulting, and producing some of Arizona's most iconic fashion shows to bring the fashion community together.

Sherri Barry, after earning an MBA from Arizona State University, ventured into the fashion industry to start her own brand. With experience managing over 300 retail stores for one of the biggest brands in footwear, she had a solid foundation in the industry. However, she soon faced the stark reality of not being physically near her manufacturers. This geographical distance posed challenges in maintaining hands-on quality control and production management, essential for successful manufacturing processes. These obstacles motivated Sherri to explore innovative technological solutions to address these issues firsthand to help others. Sherri now runs her own successful brand Adea Everyday Luxury in addition to FABRIC.

Angela and Sherri collaborated to create FABRIC, a unique incubator dedicated to democratizing access to the fashion industry.

Resources We Offer

At FABRIC, we provide a comprehensive range of resources to support apparel entrepreneurs:

  1. Free Resources: Understanding the high costs of starting a brand, we offer a free industry directory, a calendar of industry events, free educational networking events, a free wholesale sourcing library, a classifieds section for job postings, an industry newsletter filled with opportunities, educational manufacturing tours, and more.
  2. Consulting Services and Classes: We offer affordable consulting and every Friday it's only $5, making professional advice affordable for all. We also offer classes in skills that aren't typically taught in fashion school as supplemental education.
  3. Roadmap: Our step-by-step guide helps entrepreneurs navigate starting a brand, from obtaining licenses to product development and small-batch manufacturing domestically. This invaluable resource, worth $70,000, is available to 290 entrepreneurs each year through our scholarship program.
  4. Advanced Technology: We utilize state-of-the-art, end-to-end phygital technology to enable on-demand, batch manufacturing. This approach allows brands to test the market with small orders, ensuring they only produce what is needed and reducing excess inventory. One of our key innovations is the Rainf4ll digital product passport, which revolutionizes transparency and marketing in the fashion industry.
  5. Certifications/Apprenticeships: FABRIC provides specialized Industrial Sewing Certification training, focusing on participants from disadvantaged backgrounds. Our program covers essential sewing techniques, ensuring proficiency in both basic and advanced skills. Our hands-on Apprenticeship Programs, guided by industry professionals, foster expertise in industrial sewing and quality control, empowering individuals for successful careers in fashion, emphasizing craftsmanship and excellence in garment manufacturing.

Sustainability and Innovation

FABRIC is committed to transforming the fashion industry into a more sustainable model. Our efforts include organizing Eco Fashion Week, an annual event that celebrates and promotes sustainable fashion. Our vision extends to creating an Eco-Fashion Park, a scalable circular fashion supply chain that minimizes waste by optimizing production based on demand.

Our Legacy and Vision

With a passion for the fashion industry and a dedication to sustainability, we have supported nearly 2,000 entrepreneurs in launching their brands. We believe in the power of creativity and personal expression through fashion, and we aim to shape a circular model that benefits both creators and the planet. Our vision is to continue supporting apparel entrepreneurs who will lead the future of fashion, creating beautiful and responsible products that reflect their unique artistry.

At FABRIC, we are committed to making the fashion industry better, one innovative and sustainable step at a time. Join us in our mission to empower creators and protect the planet.

The original incubator building

In 2016, the City of Tempe granted us use of their former Tempe Performing Arts Center via a use agreement in which FABRIC provides a "giveback" to the community in the form of free and discounted programs and services in exchange for using the city's building. Through a mix of personal investment and community elbow grease, we transformed this 26,000 sq. ft., three-story, downtown Tempe building the headquarters for Arizona’s fashion industry. In January of 2023, FABRIC found its new home in another city-owned building that was newly renovated just one block from its original location. The sleek window-clad facility provided the perfect location to lean into technology and create the nation's first Phygital Fashion Innovation Center.

Take an educational tour to check it out!